Web Development Tools

Just as St. Olaf College has developed standards for print materials that bear the college's name and logo, the same theory applies to official college web sites: a common layout and design will provide a consistent, professional appearance for the college as a whole, and will facilitate user access to important information for many audiences.

With this in mind, the Marketing-Communications Office and Information and Instructional Technologies have created several tools for developing your official web sites.

  1. Dreamweaver
    We recommend that you create your site using Dreamweaver and the templates developed by the Web Team. Six templates are available to suit a variety of designs.

  2. Web System Tools
    Web System Tools can be used to create a banner for your site, update your contact information, left-hand navigation, and choose which large photos are randomly displayed on your pages.

  3. Photo Library
    Want to spice up your web site with some St. Olaf photos? Browse our photo library and follow the instructions to include the photos in your web site. Come back often — we'll add more photos in the future!