In the summer of '08, our goals consist of improving techniques for attaching spheres to the end of the probes in our apparatus, as well as developing a method for measuring our machine compliance.

There have been a wide variety of projects this summer, a few of them have been documented visually and can be seen in the gallery to the lower right.


In the summer of '07, our goals mainly consist of improving upon the existing apparatus in areas of stability and also in compatibility with the apparatus that will be used by a research group at Luther.

Improvements in stability is focusing mainly on voltage readout, but also in maintaining the stiffness of the system whilst using a larger mounting system.

For a closer look at the apparatus itself and its individual components, click on the picture to the right.

Besides these general improvements, we have also been working on improving existing curricular-based activities. In the first few weeks, we re-wrote two semesters worth of labs, making changes wherever necessary to improve understanding. We also opened and partially prepared several advanced labs that will be used in clases in the coming years.