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Anna Legard '08

Dan Endean '09

David Green '09


When we aren't working hard in the lab, you can probably find us out on St. Olaf's frisbee golf course. We spend a small portion of every week taking a break from positrons to enjoy the wonders of disc golf. Here are some action shots from 2006 and earlier:

Steve giving 110%
Casey drives,we admire
Anna hopes to avoid the trees
Dan's "unique" backhand form
Doc needs this to keep ahead of Steve
David sees the tennis court and his disc becoming one



Joey winding up for a big drive.


Casey lobs a putt.


Dr. Engbrecht out in the woods.


Matt putting on his game face.


Joey's flowing putting style.


Dr. Engbrecht on the tennis courts.


A great shot of a field.


Dr. Engbrecht releases a drive.


A few favorites from 2003:


Mike in the process of driving on hole #8.


Matt puts all his might into his drive.


Dr. Engbrecht proudly wears his Michigan shirt.



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