Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXXV
"The Symposium on the Danube"

Alexander Olevskii, Tel Aviv University

Professor Olevskii received his Ph.D. from Moscow State University in 1963 and later, in 1966, his Dr. Sc. diploma also from Moscow State. He served twenty-five years in the Department of Algebra and Analysis at Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics and was Chair of that department from 1968 until he was appointed Professor in the Department of Pure Mathematics at Tel Aviv University in 1991. He has served as a visiting researcher at dozens of institutions including: the University of Stavanger, the University of Minnesota (Ordway Distinguished Visitor), the National Center Theoretical Sciences in Taiwan, the University of Naples, the University Paris-Sud, the Max-Plank-Institut fur Matematik, the University of New South Wales, Cambridge University, The California Institute of Technology, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Professor Olevskii has been an invited speaker at various conferences, workshops and summer schools on different branches of Mathematical Analysis in Armenia, Austria, Canada,China, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, England, Hungary, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, and in several states in the USA. He's published widely in harmonic analysis, Fourier Series, real analysis and measure theory.