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WHEN: June 8-13, 2015
WHERE: St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

St. Olaf College and the Real Analysis Exchange will host the Summer Symposium in Real Analysis XXXIX. The program includes hour long talks by

In addition to the principal lectures we have a number of slots set aside for twenty minute talks. Young researchers are particularly encouraged to present their work. We have applied to the National Science Foundation and several private foundations to help defray the costs of this meeting.

A general schedule of events is as follows:

Monday June 8:

All Day     Arrival Day (transportation from MSP)

17:30-20:00     Barbecue Reception

Tuesday June 9:

9:00-13:00     Meetings

15:00-17:00     Meetings

19:00     Problem Session

Wednesday June 10:

9:00-13:00     Meetings

15:00-17:00     Meetings

Thursday June 11:

9:00-12:00     Meetings

12:30-21:00     Excursion

Friday June 12:

9:00-13:00     Meetings

15:00-17:00     Meetings

18:00-20:00     Banquet and Presentation of Andy

Saturday June 13:

9:00-13:00     Meetings

15:00-17:00     Meetings (as needed)

All Day     Transportation to MSP

Sunday June 14:

All Day     Transportation to MSP

For additional information and online registration fill in the preregistration form below.

Individual questions concerning conference details may be emailed to: analysisr@gmail.com. Put "Cows and Colleges" in the Subject area.

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