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Equipment Instructions for Regents Hall of Natural Sciences 300

Instructions for Regents Hall of Natural Sciences 300


Technology Users "Best Practices"

  • NO CAPPUCCINO ... Keep all liquids or chemicals away from the technology desk.
  • DON'T MESS WITH IT ... Do not disassemble, rearrange, rewire, modify, or remove anything. If you would like the equipment to function differently, please email to request changes.
  • CALL IT IN ... Promptly report any problems, with the technology, so we can minimize any disruption of your class and those that follow. Report anything you find not working, missing, tampered with, or really frustrating.
  • TURN IT OFF ... Be GREEN and help preserve the college's investment. Turn off the equipment when you are finished..... especially PROJECTORS.
  • CLEAN IT UP ... Respect the users that follow. Keep the desk free from chalk, markers, erasers, and office supplies. If you brought it in, take it with you.


The LCD Monitor


This page is under construction.


Display your Laptop Computer

Power ON your laptop computer.
Connect the LAPTOP CABLES (VGA video, audio and network) Wireless network is also available in all classrooms.

Mac laptops require a VGA video adapter. (Available for checkout at the IIT Helpdesk)
Windows Laptops only:  If necessary, turn on the monitor output.
            Usually Function F4 or F8 (ex. Hold FUNCTION button, press F4)

If necessary, turn on 'mirroring' in your display settings, so the room display image is identical to that on your laptop screen.

Adjust volume level with Control Panel and/or Laptop volume controls.