All 65 of our Registrar-scheduled lecture classrooms, are equipped with a minimum of these standard amenities:

All of our installed presentation systems are ready and available for use, by St. Olaf Faculty, Staff and Students as necessary for educational purposes and other college sanctioned events.

A guest,intending to use these systems, should arrange in advance, with his/her host department or event coordinator, any needed network access, additional equipment, or instructions on use of the equipment.


A computer with MAC OS / Windows 7
All of our installed presentation systems feature a dual-boot computer. Upon start-up of the computer you will be prompted to choose between Mac OS or Windows 7 operating systems. 

To display a document or object

Our document cameras are capable of displaying high-resolution color images of any printed copy, book, transparancy, or small object.

Student computers with Mac OS /Windows 7

All computer labs feature dual-boot student computers. Upon start-up of the computer students will be prompted to choose between Mac OS or Windows 7 operating systems. 

To annotate on the computer screen

Search this feature to find classrooms equipped with a Smart Sympodium Interactive Pen Display or a wall-mounted SmartBoard.  The pen display is a touch sensitive desk monitor with many notation and interactive presentation features.

To display my laptop computer

Search this feature to find spaces which include audio, video and network cables for connection of a portable laptop computer. Virtually all rooms with an installed display (multi-media projector or LCD monitor) will have this feature. Currently, all of these video connections are analog (VGA). You will begin to find some classrooms rooms offering a digital video connection (HDMI or DVI), to the display, beginning in January 2011.

To record lectures (audio, computer screen, camera video)

As of Fall 2010 we began offering our newest method of lecture capture with the use of Apple's Podcast Producer. Options to record audio, and/or your computer's screen, and/or video from a room's camera will be dependent on the the microphones, cameras, etc. installed in each room.  Search these features to find rooms that are 'capture-ready'. Contact for assistance or training on use of these systems.

Student Response System (Clickers)

Turning Technologies 'clickers', were introduced on campus in Fall 2009. Currently, they are installed and available for use in a limited number of classrooms. Search this feature to find our 'clicker-ready' rooms. If your classroom is not 'clicker-ready', please know that portable clicker systems are available for daily check-out at the IT Helpdesk. Contact or call x3067 to reserve, or receive training, on these systems.

To show a standard DVD or VHS tape

A 'standard' DVD or VHS tape refers to a DVD formatted as Region 1, or a VHS tape recorded in NTSC format.  These are standard formats for discs and tapes produced in the United States.  All classrooms equipped with a DVD/VCR are capable of playing these discs and tapes.

To show any-region DVD or VHS tape

DVDs produced outside of the US are likely formatted as Region 2-6.  Likewise, a VHS tape produced outside of the US will likely be recorded in PAL or SECAM format.  Only a limited number of DVD/VCR players on campus are capable of showing recordings in these formats.  Search this feature to locate classrooms equipped with these players.  'Multi-region' and 'Multi-std' players are clearly labeled in the rooms.

Wireless network connectivity

Wireless network connectivity is available in all academic and event spaces.  The wireless network adapter on each computer or other network device must be registered with the network (Net REGed) prior to gaining network access.


All campus computers have a standard package of applications installed along with Mac OS or Windows 7.  Additional applications, installed in specific computer classrooms, are listed as features of each room and are seachable.


DT 4/23/10