2007 NCAA Division III Men's and Women's Cross Country Championships

Amherst Head Coach Eric Nedeau
On winning the team national championship: Its surreal to be honest. Last year, finishing one point behind Middlebury for the title was disappointing, and weve had that reminder all season, from the last 365 days, but I think its been great for inspiration and motivation, and we did the things necessary to not have that happen again. We started the season ranked number one and did what we needed to do all season long. We came here, doing what we had to do. Its pretty special.
On how the course fit their style of runners: What I try to do, having seen the course a few years ago, I try to take the course and tailor our training to that course. The seven women that were here all race a little differently. From a training perspective, I knew there was going to be a big hill, I knew there was going to be rolling hills. This course was a combination of all the courses weve been running on all year. The only disappointing thing was that we werent running in four or five feet of snow. All year, weve been thinking, this is Minnesota, there has to be a lot of snow, so when I woke up and there was flurries, I thought, maybe!
Amherst student-athlete Heather Wilson

On when she felt they had a shot at winning:
Since last year and we lot by a point, that was the time we decided we were going to win.  That’s what we’ve always been shooting for.  We knew after graduating only one senior we would start out the season ranked pretty high, probably first.  It was always kind of scary knowing we would not race Geneseo or WashU until nationals, so we weren’t quite sure what it meant, but we always believed we could come here and win it, that was our goal. 

On the course:
We looked at it yesterday, and it did look like a lot of the courses we ran on back at home, so we all really liked the course.  We all like a few hills, and compared to a lot of the courses back home it wasn’t terribly hilly but it had some rolling hills in it.  But it was a good course and it ran fast

On the snow:
He (Coach Nedeau) had us pumped up for it, so when we saw the snow this morning, we were ready for it, we like really bad conditions, just part of cross country I guess.

UW-Platteville - student-athlete Tyler Sigl

On the final stretch:
Towards the last stretch of the race, we were pushing along each other, at one point I noticed I had a little stride on him.  I thought, I’ve been here four years and this is finally my year, and crossing the finish line I guess I got overwhelmed and just let it all out

On the close race:
Well when we came out of that back loop, and at that point it was just us two., and I thought, well, it’s going to be me and him duking it out all the way. With about a mile to go, I heard someone shout, “You two are going to be fighting for the national championship.”  When I heard that, I lit up inside.

On the course:
The earlier meet here we ran, my goal was to run and push our teammates along.  I just ran with those guys for that ran, and they changed the course a little from the first time and this time.  Yesterday we checked out the course, and it seemed okay.  We were looking forward to that big hill, and they took that out, but there were still little hills all over.

On the snow:
When I saw snow, I was happy.  It’s like Wisconsin weather.

On his career:
I started cross country running my sophomore year of high school.  My brother’s friends got me talked into trying it.  I used to be a big football player.  My family has football players from young on through, so when I made that decision, they were pretty shocked, but I think it was a smart decision