St. Olaf College Alpine Skiing

St. Olaf College offers one of the most attractive combinations of educational and ski racing programs in the upper Midwest and in the country as a whole.

St. Olaf Men's and Women's varsity teams have a long tradition of successful competition, building lifelong friendships and having fun. We have intentionally structured our program, however, so that it never interferes with academic commitments. Attending St. Olaf is about preparing for your future. This means that your education always comes first.

For some of us, however, a complete and fulfilling college life means, at least in part, continuing a ski racing career. St. Olaf's alpine ski team is here to provide this crucial ingredient in the recipe. We are serious about our work on the hill, and committed to achieving our full potential as ski racers. We are also committed to providing an environment in which we can all enjoy, to the fullest, a sport we truly love. If your are looking for an environment which combines a very successful ski racing program with an unsurpassed educational program, St. Olaf College may well be the right place for you.