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St. Olaf College Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 23, 2008) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Colorado College 11/16/07 47-53 L 18-Elyse Erickso 13-Danielle Stoe 4-Jamie Erdahl 2-Elyse Erickso 1-Natalie Holm Jamie Erdahl Danielle Stoe vs McMurry University 11/17/07 46-59 L 14-Elyse Erickso 10-Elyse Erickso 4-Jamie Erdahl 4-Kelsey Oja 1-Britta Hendri Elyse Erickso at Martin Luther Knights 11/26/07 57-35 W 19-Elyse Erickso 8-Kristina Stoe 4-Tasha Mrosak 8-Jamie Erdahl 2-Danielle Stoe Danielle Stoe HAMLINE UNIVERSITY 11/27/07 54-70 L 16-Elyse Erickso 8-Kristina Stoe 3-Jamie Erdahl 3-Jamie Erdahl 1-Elyse Erickso Kelsey Oja Jamie Erdahl Danielle Stoe at Concordia College 12/03/07 52-76 L 18-Elyse Erickso 12-Elyse Erickso 3-Tasha Mrosak 2-Jamie Erdahl 3-Kristina Stoe Jamie Erdahl AUGSBURG COLLEGE 12/5/07 45-37 W 14-Elyse Erickso 12-Kristina Stoe 7-Jamie Erdahl 4-Elyse Erickso 1-Elyse Erickso Kristina Stoe Tasha Mrosak UNIV. OF ST. THOMAS 12/8/07 56-61 L 16-Elyse Erickso 7-Kristina Stoe 5-Kristina Stoe 4-Kelsey Oja 1-Elyse Erickso SAINT MARY'S 1/5/08 54-57 L 31-Elyse Erickso 5-Kristina Stoe 6-Jamie Erdahl 4-Jamie Erdahl None Elyse Erickso Jamie Erdahl at Saint Benedict 01/07/08 43-66 L 16-Elyse Erickso 9-Danielle Stoe 5-Jamie Erdahl 2-Elyse Erickso 1-Jamie Erdahl Jamie Erdahl Danielle Stoe BETHEL UNIV. 1/9/08 62-69 L 19-Jamie Erdahl 7-Kristina Stoe 5-Jamie Erdahl 4-Kristina Stoe 2-Kristina Stoe Tasha Mrosak Kelsey Oja MACALESTER COLLEGE 1/12/08 60-48 W 22-Jamie Erdahl 8-Kristina Stoe 5-Jamie Erdahl 3-Elyse Erickso 1-Elyse Erickso Tasha Mrosak Jamie Erdahl at Carleton College 1/16/08 51-75 L 9-Jamie Erdahl 4-Kristina Stoe 4-Jamie Erdahl 2-Kristina Stoe None Elyse Erickso Jamie Erdahl Elyse Erickso Kelsey Oja at Gustavus Adolphus 01/19/07 50-58 L 13-Kelsey Oja 9-Danielle Stoe 5-Jamie Erdahl 3-Kelsey Oja 1-Danielle Stoe Kristina Stoe Jamie Erdahl Elyse Erickso at College of St. Catheri 1/21/08 70-68 W 31-Elyse Erickso 10-Kristina Stoe 6-Jamie Erdahl 4-Kelsey Oja None at Hamline University 1-23-08 86-76 W 19-Jamie Erdahl 10-Danielle Stoe 4-Kristina Stoe 2-Tasha Mrosak 2-Danielle Stoe Kristina Stoe Kristina Stoe at TOMMIES 1-26-08 63-58 W 20-Jamie Erdahl 9-Britta Hendri 6-Danielle Stoe 3-Kelsey Oja None CONCORDIA COLLEGE 1/30/08 58-71 L 17-Elyse Erickso 10-Kristina Stoe 3-Elyse Erickso 3-Danielle Stoe 4-Kristina Stoe at Saint Mary's 2-2-08 48-63 L 15-Elyse Erickso 4-Britta Hendri 3-Kelsey Oja 3-Kelsey Oja 1-Danielle Stoe Jamie Erdahl Jamie Erdahl Jamie Erdahl Jamie Erdahl Kristina Stoe at Augsburg College 02/04/08 69-75 L 22-Elyse Erickso 10-Kristina Stoe 5-Jamie Erdahl 2-Jamie Erdahl 3-Elyse Erickso Kristina Stoe Danielle Stoe SAINT BEN'S 2/6/08 58-90 L 15-Kristina Stoe 10-Danielle Stoe 4-Jamie Erdahl 2-Danielle Stoe 1-Terin Euerle Danielle Stoe at Macalester 2/9/08 61-55 W 16-Kristina Stoe 9-Kristina Stoe 6-Jamie Erdahl 4-Danielle Stoe 1-Kristina Stoe Britta Hendri Britta Hendri at Bethel University 2-8-08 64-77 L 18-Britta Hendri 10-Danielle Stoe 4-Danielle Stoe 4-Kristina Stoe 1-Kristina Stoe Jamie Erdahl
St. Olaf College Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 23, 2008) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GUSTAVUS 2/16/08 66-71 L 18-Jamie Erdahl 12-Kristina Stoe 8-Jamie Erdahl 3-Danielle Stoe 1-Kristina Stoe CARLETON 2/20/08 63-51 W 15-Kelsey Oja 9-Britta Hendri 3-Kelsey Oja 6-Jamie Erdahl 1-Jamie Erdahl Becca Neuger ST. CATHERINE 2/23/08 62-69 L 22-Kristina Stoe 12-Kristina Stoe 6-Jamie Erdahl 4-Jamie Erdahl 1-Britta Hendri Danielle Stoe