2013 NCAA® Division III Central Region Cross Country Championships
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November 16, 2013 - St. Olaf College - Northfield, Minn.
Women's Race - 11 a.m. | Men's Race - 12:15 p.m.

Inclimate Weather Plan
Lightning Policy. Following NCAA protocol, we will be using WeatherSentry online lightning
detection and weather monitoring system. Once lightning enters the 30 mile radius of
competition, we will begin preparations to protect the student-athletes and spectators. Once
lightning enters an 8-mile radius of our site, competition must stop and student-athletes and
spectators will be moved to safe areas. We will not begin any activity until 30 minutes have
passed since the last lightning strike inside the warning ring.

Shelter Locations. In the case of inclement weather, athletes and coaches will have access to
the Tostrud/Skoglund fieldhouses (lower level of the Tostrud/Skoglund Complex) located next
to the cross country course start/finish area. Spectators will be asked to take shelter in their
cars. Buses will be available to transport spectators to remote parking lots.

Severe Weather Policy for 2012 NCAA Cross Country Regional Championships

For the safety of all spectators, student-athletes, officials and coaches the following will be used
in case of severe weather (e.g., cold temperatures and / or heavy snow):

1. The meet director and NCAA track and field committee will monitor the weather during the
week and morning of the championships.

2. A central information location and/or phone number to call for information on delays
and/or postponement to the following day. Then the host can leave a message at that
number alerting coaches of different start times or a delay in course inspection times due
to inclement weather. This number 507-786-3810 will be placed in the information with the
coaches' packets and on the meet website.

3. The games committee will determine whether the start of the meet should be delayed or if
the meet should be postponed until the following day. All consideration should be taken in
regards to the policies toward competition on Sunday for each institution.

4. If the race has already begun and would have to be suspended in the middle of the
competition, the track and field committee would recommend the following:

Men's 8,000 meter - If competition is suspended before the 3,000 meters mark you
may run the same day with a two hour delay. If competition is suspended after 3,000
meters we would recommend postponement until the next day.

Women's 6,000 meter - If competition is suspended before the 2,000 meters mark
you may run the same day with a two hour delay. If competition is suspended after 2,000
meters we would recommend postponement until the next day.

5. If necessary, competition may be postponed until Sunday, per NCAA policy, with
competition not starting prior to Noon. This information must be communicated with all
involved institutions.


Appropriate provisions will be made to the facility to ensure the safety of
competitors and spectators. The games committee reserves the right to make changes to
the above policies and schedules as they see fit.