Manitou Field Track

Location - Ade Christenson Complex, East Side of Campus
Built - 1992
Surface - Mondo, Natural Grass Infield
Last Renovation - 2002 (New Bleachers, Press Box)
Teams that compete on: Men's and Women's Track and Field

The Ade Christenson Complex on the east side of campus is home to Manitou Field, Track and Tom Porter Hall. The playing and running surfaces are first-class competition sites for the St. Olaf football and track teams. Two classrooms, locker rooms, an athletic training room, offices and a weight room make Tom Porter Hall a convenient home to the football, track and hockey teams. The lobby overlooks the west endzone and track, and it has a clear view of the bleachers and press box that were renovated in the spring of 2002. The venue is also the home of the college’s graduation ceremonies.