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*Logos presented by the authority of the St. Olaf College and the St. Olaf Sports Information Office, which has a right of approval of the images that are intended solely for private, non-commercial use. Any publication, reproduction or any other use of the image without the express written consent of St. Olaf College or the St. Olaf College Sports Information Office is prohibited.

Gold Color:

For projects printed on uncoated papers:
PMS 131 (gold) and black

Pantone: 131
CMYK: C:3 M:36  Y:100 K:5
RGB:  R:198  G:147  B:10
HEX: #C6930A

  .jpg (CMYK)

Acceptable Layouts
Grayscale On Black On Gray
.jpg (CMYK) .jpg (CMYK) .jpg (CMYK)
  .ai .ai
Letters, number colors on apparel, jerseys:
Only white, black, Pantone 131 or Old Gold is to be used for text, numbers on apparel and jerseys. If Pantone 131 or Old Gold are not available, other gold colors (Vegas, Steeltown) are only to be used as a trim color.

Garment colors of St. Olaf athletics apparel, jerseys:
Only white, black and gray fabrics are to be used as apparel and jerseys. Gold colors (Vegas, Old Gold, Steeltown) are only to be used as trim colors. They are not to be used as main fabrics of any St. Olaf athletics apparel. Alternate colors for soccer goalkeeper jerseys, practice pennys and cross country competition uniforms may be used upon approval.

JerseyM54, when available, is the official lettering style of St. Olaf Athletics uniforms.
When not available, a comparable font can be used upon approval. Fonts on other garments are subject to approval. The St. Olaf font of the text above the lion is not to be substituted.

Note about former St. Olaf logos:
Former St. Olaf athletics logos -- including the Lion emblem without text, Lion inside a shield, and S-T-O emblem combined with the Lion -- are not to be used without approval. The S-T-O emblem that appears on the St. Olaf baseball and softball hats will continue to be used in the same capacity, but under no other circumstances.