St. Olaf College Sports Medicine
Click on First Year Information for a checklist of the steps necessary to obtain medical clearance. No practice will be allowed until you are medically cleared.

1. Visit
2. Enter you email address and click on RESET PASSWORD button
3. Create password.
4. Review your information and make any necessary changes.

REVIEW Online Medical History
1. Visit
2. Fill out the form in entirety.

**Once these steps are complete your file will be reviewed by the Certified Athletic Trainer for clearance.
**If your health changes during the summer months please complete these steps again to update your records.

St. Olaf Sports Medicine Mission
The St. Olaf College Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Teams primary mission is to provide quality medical care to the student athletes within the St. Olaf College Athletic Department. The services to be delivered can be broken down into three primary types: injury prevention, management of athletic injuries, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. We intend to fulfill our mission statement by:
-- Creating a comfortable caring environment within the athletic training facility.
-- Assuring that each physician and staff member maintains a pleasant, caring, and professional attitude consistent with the National Athletic Trainers Association Code of Professional Practice.
-- Maintaining and operating our athletic training facilities in an organized and efficient manner.
-- Assuring that each athlete is carefully counseled regarding their injury or illness and options are explained when appropriate.
-- Philosophically providing all athletes with the opportunity to see a physician if he or she makes this request to a certified staff member.
-- Insuring that each athlete has the best possible opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in a physically healthy environment.

The underlying philosophy for this program, is that, the medical needs of the student athlete shall always be the first consideration for all members of our staff.