St. Olaf Swimming and Diving Academic All-Americans

Academic all-American status is accomplished in two parts: First, the swimmer or diver must qualify for, and participate in, the NCAA National Meet.  Secondly, he/she must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale).  If a student meets a 'B' time standard, has a GPA at or above 3.5, but does not qualify for the meet, the athlete is named honorable mention. The following is an elite list of St. Olaf swimmers and divers:

Coaches Association All-Academic

Season Academic All-American(s)
2011-12 Lydia Feldman, Sarah Kemp, Lindsey Lee, Lauren Snyder (HM)
2010-11 Allison Beardsley, Lydia Feldman, Maureen Gullen, Sarah Kemp, Linsey Lee, Lauren Snyder
2009-10 Allison Beardsly(HM), Lauren Snyder (HM)
2008-09 Lauren Snyder
2006-07 Julia Rood (HM), Kelly Dolan (HM), Mikayla Meyer (HM)
2005-06 Emily Love (HM), Kelly Dolan (HM), Julia Rood (HM), Mikayla Meyer (HM), Hannah Berg (HM)
2004-05 Kelly Dolan (HM), Emily Love
2003-04 Katy Brentz, Hannah Berg (HM), Kelly Dolan (HM), Emily Love (HM), Mikayla Meyer (HM)
2002-03 Anna Guenther, Jenna Kubat (HM)
2001-02 Katy Brentz
2000-01 Anna Guenther
1998-99 Debbie Pagels, Leanna Williams (HM)
1997-98 Debbie Pagels (HM)
1996-97 Katie Heilman
1995-96 Kristin Quade, Katie Heilman (HM)
1994-95 Chris DeLong
1993-94 Leah Mattson
1991-92 Laura Lundstrom
1990-91 Laura Lundstrom, Ann Sudoh
1989-90 Laura Lundstorm
1988-89 Sarah Rockswold
1987-88 Jean Hoeve, Sarah Rockswold
1986-87 Jean Hoeve, Sarah Rockswold
1985-86 Jean Hoeve
1984-85 Connie Rydberg