Dick Kleber

  Assistant Coach  
  First Season in 2013-14  
Hometown: St. Cloud, Minn.
Alma Mater: St. Olaf College

Derek Kleber begins his first year at St. Olaf as an assistant in 2013-14.

Kleber played tennis for one year at St. Cloud State University where he played #2 in singles. In 1951 he transferred to St. Olaf. At St. Olaf, Kleber played #2 singles and #1 doubles in his first season. He competed in the quarterfinals of the Midwest Conference and was named player of the year. In the 1952-53 season, Kleber was the acting coach, running practices and heading matches. Still competing as an athlete, he made it to the semifinals of the MW conference in this season. His junior year he again made it to the semifinal match of his conference and was named player of the year. He did not have enough elligibility for his senior season but continued to coach and practice with the players.

Kleber began graduate school at the University of Iowa in 1955 where he recieved his PhD in mathematics. In 1960 he was hired at St. Olaf as a math professor and men's tennis coach where he stayed for the next five years.