Medieval Art Lecture
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Thursday, October 18, 2012
at 4:00 PM
Dittmann Center, 305
Nancy Thompson


Anne Derbes, Professor of Art History at Hood College, will deliver a lecture on the frescoes in the baptistery in Padua, Italy as part of the Forsyth lecture series, sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art.

Lecture Synopsis: The Baptistery in Padua, painted c. 1376 for Fina Buzzacarini, consort of the lord of Padua, houses one of the most ambitious narrative programs commissioned by a woman in the later Middle Ages. While some scholars have minimized Fina’s responsibility for the Baptistery’s program, some even claiming that the frescoes were executed after her death, such claims are difficult to reconcile with the imagery itself. Prof. Derbes will argue that Fina succeeded in asserting her autonomy with uncommon boldness: the Baptistery’s images are so closely aligned with her interests that she likely intervened decisively in shaping the program.

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