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Friday, November 2, 2012
at 10:30 AM
Buntrock Commons, 144 Grieg Room
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Interested in hearing about the intersection of law, economics, and politics?

Interested in talking with a successful Minnesota attorney and judge about legal careers?

Interested in meeting another generous and thoughtful alum?

Drop in and meet Samuel Hanson 61' Attorney and Vice President Briggs and Morgan Minneapolis, MN

Friday, November 2, 2012 Buntrock Commons 144 10:30-11:30 cookies and coffee will be provided)

Upon graduation from St. Olaf College, Samuel Hanson attended law school at William Mitchell College of Law. Following his graduation from William Mitchell, he joined the law firm of Briggs and Morgan, one of the largest and most respected law firms in the Midwest.

During the next 34 years with the firm, he rose through the ranks of the company, culminating in a five-year period as President. In 2000, the Governor, in a first ever merit-based process, appointed Hanson to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Two years later, a position on the Minnesota Supreme Court opened up and through a similar process, Sam was once again chosen to fill the opening.

While serving as an Associate Justice, Hanson chaired or co-chaired many committees, including the Gender Fairness Implementation Committee, working for more equitable treatment of women in the legal profession and the larger judicial system, and also the Children’s Justice Initiative Committee.

Sam has received many awards and is part of many prestigious organizations, but the organization that best exemplifies his great work is his membership in the American College of Trial Lawyers. The College is limited to less than one percent of the participating bar in any given state and is by invitation only. Former Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Russell Anderson ’64, writes, “Sam is the best lawyer, judge, and professional leader that I have known during my forty-three years in the legal profession.”

Hanson’s passion for service extends well beyond his strictly professional work. He was instrumental in developing a pro bono policy for Briggs and Morgan. Under this program, a committee enlists projects and recruits lawyers to handle the work required. Sam also dedicates much of his time to volunteering for numerous community service organizations including serving on the Board of Directors of The Institute of Cultural Affairs, Advocates for Human Rights, Global Volunteers, and many more. Hanson is not a passive member of these boards, instead traveling all across the state, nation, and world at his own expense.

Hanson has been a very active and proud Ole, making sure his professional and community friends know that he attended St. Olaf. Among his volunteering efforts, Sam has given his time and energy as a Class Fund Agent for the class of 1961, helping raise $10.1 million as a part of their 50th reunion. As a former member of the St. Olaf basketball team, he makes it a point to contact classmates to attend a current game or participate in alumni games. He’s also helped with basketball fundraising efforts. Hanson is a member of the Manitou Heights Society.

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