Cultural Conversations
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012
at 4:00 PM
Tomson Hall 308
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Lynn Stenstrom


"Experiential Education: What, How, and Where?"

A Cultural Conversation facilitated by Professor Steve Soderlind of the Economics Department.

Experiential Education (EE) occurs when worldly encounter stimulates reflection, analysis, and discovery – usually with peers or a facilitator. Resulting insights may not hold for all time or all places; they may be highly contextualized, ephemeral, or subjective; they may constitute a mere stop in an on-going process of creative investigation. The veracity of EE links to the process of active, open-minded engagement (including questions, experiments, and problem solving) that can persist as life-long learning. EE happens in some classes, to be sure, but it arises more regularly and intensely outside the classroom; dorms, internships, and off campus programs offer access to complex environments for discovery. As domestic off-campus programs offer some of the world’s richest opportunities for EE, we might lament the widespread predisposition of students for international travel.

This event is open to all students.

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