Guest speaker, Dr. Douglas Hedley
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Monday, November 12, 2012
at 7:30 PM
Buntrock Commons, Viking Theater
Charles Taliaferro


Dr. Douglas Hedley, Professor at Clare College (Cambridge, UK) will lecture on "Image and Imagination."

Talk description: Shakespeare's paean to the Imagination in the speech of Theseus in A Midsummer's Night Dream extols the poet's prophetic eye glancing 'from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven' ' bodying forth' and giving shape to 'things unknown'. The imagination becomes in the Renaissance and Romanticism a vehicle of Divine Revelation. In English we can distinguish between a picture and image; in German ‘Bild’ conveys both. Whereas a picture is a material object, an image may be may be mental. Thus ‘Image’ is the more expansive and illusive term. Is it a mere accident of etymology that the English word ‘imagination’ contain the ‘image’. In The Iconic Imagination I reflect upon the relationship between imagination and images in aesthetic, theological and metaphysical terms.

Sponsored by the St. Olaf Philosophy, Religion, and English departments, the Kierkegaard Library, and Phi Sigma Tau, Philosophy Honor Society.

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