Guest speaker, Dr. Robert Segal
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Thursday, November 15, 2012
at 4:00 PM
Holland Hall, 501
Charles Taliaferro


Dr. Robert Segal, Sixth Century Chair in Religious Studies at the University of Aberdeen, U.K., will lecture on "Does the Worship of Gaia Bring Myth Back to the World?

Description: The relationship between myth and science is a subject as old as that of myth and science themselves. The position on the issue taken by modern theories of myth can be divided chronologically. In the nineteenth century myth and science were commonly taken to be incompatible, so that one had to choose between them. In the twentieth century, by contrast, myth and science were usually taken to be compatible, so that one could consistently accept both. But the price paid for their compatibility was the removal of myth from the turf of science: the physical world. Whether, in the twenty-first century, myth can be brought back to the physical world--the world still explained by science--is considered with the case of Gaia, or the earth.

Sponsored by the St. Olaf Philosophy, Religion, and English departments, the Kierkegaard library, and Phi Sigma Tau, Philosophy honor society.

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