Information Session: California Lutheran University
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
at 5:00 PM
Holland Hall, 413
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Andrea Kubinski


Master of Science in Economics The Master of Science in Economics program emphasizes the development of applied economic concepts, theory and applications. The program has a more intense quantitative element than most Masters in Economics programs.

The program will challenge you to utilize an intensive mix of mathematical, statistical, and computer programming tools, and will involve working directly with supervising faculty members in the "hands on" completion of building an economic forecast model, and computation of actual forecasts.

The Cal Lutheran M.S. in Economics program is excellent preparation for entering a Ph.D. program in Economics. The program provides a relatively high level of quantitative rigor for the masters level, and many courses provide an introduction to Ph.D. level topics and research.

The M.S. in Economics degree includes close collaboration with members of a world-class economics faculty and forecasting team.

International and domestic students are enrolled together in small classes — usually fewer than 20 — that emphasize practical applications and interactive learning. The experience includes projects, applied research, analysis, assessment, and more.

Designed as an evening program designed to be compatible with the schedules of working professionals, full-time students can complete the program in one year. International students are typically full-time rather than part-time to maintain their student Visa status. This requires Fall Term entry for International students. International student entry at other times in the year are possible but require a custom course plan. For additional information please contact Dan Hamilton,

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