Baltimore Waltz
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Thursday, October 3, 2013 - Sunday, October 6
at 7:30 PM
Theater Building, Haugen Theater
Jeanne Tangren Hatle


Written in 1989 one year after her brother died of AIDS, Paula Vogel’s Baltimore Waltz imagines the trip she never took with her brother to Europe. Rejecting realism, Vogel’s Europe is a pop-culture landscape peopled by Strangelovian doctors, quinquagenarian little Dutch boys and Orson Welles wannabes. Ribald and absurd, the surreal journey of Anna and her brother Carl through Europe unfolds in a hospital lounge as Anna faces the death of her brother. At a time when AIDS was a death sentence and government response to the growing epidemic criminally slow, Vogel’s funny and moving play reveals both the ludicrous ineptitude and profound loss that she and many others experienced during the AIDS crisis of the 80's, a crisis that continues today as 33.4 million people live with HIV/AIDS worldwide.

For mature audiences

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