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Please note: This is NOT the most current catalog.


The following is accurate through March 31, 2005.

Jeffrey Allen
Assistant Director of Admissions, 2000-
B.A., St. Olaf

Patricia Anfinson
Director of Conferences and Events, 1994-
B.A., Minnesota

Sung Baek
Academic Advisor, Student Support Services/Professional Exploration Program/Lead Science Summer Instructor, 2001-

Katherine Baker
Assistant Registrar for Enrollment, 1982-
B.S., Minnesota

Daniel Beach
Webmaster, 1994-
B.A., St. Olaf

Fred Behr
Director of Public Safety, 1987-
B.S., Iowa State

W. Bruce Benson
College Pastor, 1981-
B.A., Augsburg; M.Div., Luther Seminary; S.T.M., Yale Divinity School

Carl Bergh
Psychologist, Counseling Center, 1991-
B.A., M.A., Antioch College

Eida Berrio
Dean of Community Life and Diversity/Affirmative Action Officer, 2000-
B.A., Montclair State; M.A., Ed.D., Seton Hall

Victoria Beussman
Bookstore Assistant Director, 2003-
B.A., Morehead State

Donald Bezanson
Library Assistant, Government Documents, 1990-

Peder Bolstad
Analytical Skills Coordinator, Instructor in Mathematics, 1980-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.Sc., Simon Fraser

Robert Breid
Systems Administrator, Information and Instructional Technologies, 1999-
B.S., North Dakota State

David Burton
Biology Stockroom Manager, 1999-
B.S., Oregon State; M.S., Texas A and M

Elizabeth Busa
Circulation Associate, Student Work Coordinator, 1975-

Jean Callister-Benson
Director of Stewardship, 1986-
B.A., Mankato State

Janet Collrin Cameron
Multimedia Consultant, 1990-
B.F.A., Central Michigan; M.A., Minnesota

Heather Campbell
Director, Upward Bound/Instructor in Education, 1995-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.Ed., St. Thomas

John Campion
Student Computing and Network Consultant,
Technologies/Instructor in Physical Education, 1982-
B.A., St. Olaf

Susan Canon
Director of Institutional Research and Planning, 1995-
B.A., Indiana; M.Ed., M.B.A., Minnesota

Stephanie Carlson
Assistant Controller/Technical Support, 1999-
B.S., Winona State

Susan Carlson
Program Coordinator for the Center for Integrative Studies, 1987-

Anne Cartwright
Associate Director of Annual Giving, 2001-
B.A., St. Olaf

Patrick Ceas
Chemical Hygiene Officer, 2001-
B.S., Ph.D., Illinois

Kevin Cheatham
Program Coordinator, 1992-
B.A., St. Olaf

Mary Cisar
Professor of Romance Languages; College Registrar and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1978-
B.A., Kalamazoo; M.A., Ph.D., Brown

Kathryn Clymer
Associate Director of Alumni & Parent, 2005-
B.A., St. Olaf

Bruce Dalgaard
Professor of Economics and Asian Studies, Director of Center for Experiential Learning, 1992-
A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Illinois

J. Patrick Dale
Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of Government and Foundation Relations, 1988-
B.A., Keele; M.A., Ph.D., Essex

Gary De Krey
Professor of History and Director, Center for College History, 1988-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton

Allison Dern
Academic Advisor-GEAR UP!, 2000-

Benjamin Dieterich
Academic Advisor for Upward Bound, 2001-

Jeffrey Dixon
AS/400 System and Software Specialist, 2000-
B.A., Augustana (Sioux Falls)

Pamela Dresow
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, 1999-
B.S., Minnesota

Craig Dunton
Director of Telecommunications, 1989-

Carole Leigh Engblom
Editor, St. Olaf Magazine; Media Relations Specialist, 1998-

Jill Engle
Circulation, Interlibrary Loan Associate, Library, 1998-
B.A., St. Olaf

Richard Erickson
Associate Manager of Music Organizations, 1995-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.M.Ed., Colorado

Jill Ewald
Museum Director, Flaten Museum, 1998-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.F.A., Vermont College of Norwich University

Le Ann K.H. Finger
Media Relations and Marketing Specialist/Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach, 2000-
B.A., St. Olaf

James Fisher
Grounds Manager, 1994-

Christopher Fleming
Technical Director, Dance Department, 2002-

Debra Fleming
Grants Manager, 1993-

Lori Folland
Department Ensemble Specialist, 1991-
B.M., Oberlin; M.M., Michigan

Amy Gage
Director of Marketing-Communications, 2001-
B.A., Minnesota

Gloria Gamboa
Academic Advisor for Mentoring and Parent Program/Upward Bound Summer Residential Counselor, 2000-

Bryn Geffert
Associate Professor, Library; College Librarian, 1993-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.S., Illinois; M.A., Minnesota; Ph.D., Minnesota

Mark Gelle
Assistant Treasurer, 1978-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.B.A., St. Thomas

Heidi Gilles
Academic Advisor for GEAR UP!/Summer Residential Counselor, 2001-

Kathy Glampe
Director, Student Support Services/Professional Exploration Program, 1998-
B.A., St. Olaf

David Gonnerman
Communications Specialist, Staff Photographer, 1999-
B.A., St. Olaf

Katarzyna Gonnerman
Reference Librarian, 1996-

William Green
Assistant Dean of Community Life and Diversity/Director of Multicultural Affairs and Community Outreach, 1986-
B.A., St. Olaf

Christian Hakala
Associate Director of Admissions, 1997-
B.A., Carleton; M.A., Truman State

Karen Hansen
Executive Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning, 1981-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.A., Wisconsin (Madison)

Peggy Hanson
Consulting Psychologist, Counseling Center, 2000-

David Hauck
Men’s Swim Coach, 1966-

Christie Hawkins
Technical Supervisor, Department of Art and Art History, 1994-
B.F.A., Wisconsin (River Falls); M.F.A., Minnesota

Torild Homstad
Administrator, Oslo Summer School/Instructor in Norwegian, 1996-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.A., Minnesota

NiNi Hopkins
Area Coordinator in Residence Life, 2002-

Michelle Howe
Chemistry Stockroom Manager, 1995-
B.S., St. Thomas

Jenny Howenstine
Assistant Director of Admissions, 1998-
B.A., St. Olaf

Timothy Isom
NT Systems Database and Software Administrator, 1989-
B.S., M.S., Wisconsin (Platteville)

Daniel Jackson
Academic Advisor, ETS and Upward Bound Dorm Supervisor/Summer Residential Counselor, 1999-
B.A., St. Olaf

Linne Jensen
Director, Academic Support Center, 2001-
B.A., Carleton; B.A., Minnesota

Aimee Jillson
Costume Shop Supervisor/Costume Designer, Theatre Department, 1996-
B.F.A., Drake; M.F.A., California Institute of Art

Cheryl Johnson
Associate Director of Student Financial Services, 1985-
B.A., Minnesota, M.S., Minnesota State, Mankato

Dennis Johnson
Piano Technician, 1987-
B.A., Luther

Janis Johnson
Director, Educational Talent Search, 1991-
B.A., M.A., Minnesota

Jennifer Johnson
Associate Director in Student Financial Services, 1998-
B.A., Kalamazoo; M.S., Indiana

Margaret Johnson
Director, Language Lab, 1974-
B.S., Concordia

Muriel Johnson
Research Associate, Institutional Research and Planning, 1985-
B.A., Minnesota (Duluth)

Robert Johnson
Manager, Music Organizations, 1978-
B.A., Concordia (Moorhead)

S. Mark Johnson
Sales and Marketing Manager, St. Olaf Records, 1996-

Tracy Johnson
Area Coordinator in Residence Life, 2001-

Sarah Johnston
Reference Librarian, Library, 2002-

Margaret Kelly
Music Library Associate, 1984-
B.M.Ed., Hartt School of Music; Hartford

Amber Kidder
Graphic Designer, 2003-
B.A., St. Olaf

John Kilbride
Vice President for Advancement, 2000-
B.A., St. Olaf

Sarah Kleeberger
Associate Director of Annual Giving, 2000-
B.A., Drake

Joy LaKosky Kluttz
Assistant Director Student Support Services/ Professional Exploration Program, 2000-

Gregory Kneser
Dean of Students, 1989-
B.S., Wisconsin (Whitewater); M.A., Northeast Missouri State

Jennifer Knight
Area Coordinator in Residence Life, 2000-
B.A., Wartburg College

Jennifer Koenig
Associate Pastor of the Student Congregation, 1997-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.Div, Luther Seminary

Perry Kruse
Assistant Director of Facilities, Engineering Services, 1969-
B.A., St. Olaf

Linda Kuchinka
Controller, 1988-
B.S., Mankato State

Michael Kyle
Vice President for Admissions, 1998-
B.A., St. Olaf

JoEllen LaPrade
Cataloging Associate, Rølvaag Library 1999-
B.A., Beloit College

Sara Leake
Interlibrary Loan/Circulation (Reserves) Associate, 1999-

Cecelia Lee
Academic Advisor, Student Support Services/Professional Exploration Program, 2002-

Roberta Lembke
Director of Information and Instructional Technologies, 1983-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.A., Minnesota

Jennifer Lindsay
Area Coordinator in Residence Life, 2000-
B.A., Albion College; M.S., Kansas

Roger Loftus
Director, Human Resources, 1990-
B.A., St. Mary’s; M.A., North Dakota

Elizabeth Lolich
Academic Coordinator for Upward Bound, 1998-
B.A., St. Olaf

Mary Sue Lovett
Reference Librarian, Library, 1996-
B.A., Immaculata; M.L.S., Rosary

Cynthia Lund
Librarian/Bibliographer, Library, 1979-
B.A., Brown; M.A., Vermont; M.L.S., Simmons

Jacqueline Lundquist
Advancement Researcher, 1999-
B.A., St. Olaf

Jill Lynch
Admissions Counselor, 1999-
B.A., St. Olaf

Mary Mahaffey
Admissions Counselor, 2002-
B.A., St. Olaf

James May
Provost and Dean of the College, 1977-
B.S., Kent State; Ph.D., North Carolina

Jan McDaniel
Vice President for College Relations, 2002-
B.J., Missouri

Matthew C. McDonald
Instructor in Physical Education, Athletics Director and Head Baseball, 1991-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.P.E., Minnesota

Pamela Mannebach McDowell
Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life, 1991-
B.B.A., Wisconsin (Eau Claire)

Steven McKelvey
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Associate Dean of Students, 1985-
A.B., Grinnell; Sc.M., Ph.D., Brown

Michael Mihelich
Creative Director, 2000-
B.A., St. Olaf; B.F.A., Northern Illinois (DeKalb)

Audrey Moberg
Director of Data Services, 1990-

Jennie Moberg
Microcomputing Systems Administrator/Consultant, 1993-
B.A., St. Olaf

Dawn Moder
Music Library Associate, 2001-
B.S., Wisconsin (Stout)

A. William Nelson
Assistant Director of Facilities, Building Services, 1989-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.R.P., North Carolina

Ruth Neuger
Admissions Interviewer/Head Fastpitch Coach, 1999-
B.A., St. Olaf

Alan Norton
Vice President and Treasurer of the College, 1996-
B.A., Rockhurst; M.A., Ph.D., Missouri (Columbia)

Colleen Nugent
Career Counselor, 2002-
B.A., Carleton, M.A., Minnesota

Pat O’Brien
Assistant Director of Human Resources, 2003-
B.S., St. Cloud State

Kathleen O’Connor
Academic Advisor for Educational Talent Search, 1999-

Jennifer Olsen Krengel
Associate Director of Admissions, 1994-
B.A., St. Olaf

Deanna Olson
Science Library Associate, 1999-
B.A., Bemidji State University

Steve O’Neill
Director, Counseling Center, 1990-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.A. St. Thomas

Arnold Ostebee
Assistant Provost, Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, 1980-
B.A., St. Olaf; Ph.D., SUNY (Stony Brook)

Rebecca Otten
Director of Annual Giving, 1997-
B.A., St. Thomas

Julianne Overby
Acquisitions Associate, Library, 1991-
B.S., Winona State

Timothy Owen
Academic Advisor for Educational Talent Search, 1992-
B.A., St. Olaf

Jean Owens
Cataloging Assistant/Associate, Library, 1999-

Claudia Perez
Academic Advisor-GEAR UP!/Upward Bound Summer PSE Lead Instructor, 2000-

Luyen Phan
Assistant Director of Admissions, 1999-
B.A., St. Olaf

LaRue Pierce
Assistant Dean of Students-Sophomores, 1999-
B.A., M.S.Ed., Wisconsin (Stout)

Heidi Quiram
Program Director Center for Lifelong Learning, 1998-
B.A., Minnesota (Twin Cities)

Steven Reiser
Technical Director, Department of Theatre, 2001-
B.A., Hamline; M.F.A., Indiana

Carol Rhoades
User Services Consultant, 1985-
B.S., Minnesota

Stephen Rholl
Microcomputing Consultant, 1997-
B.S., Minnesota

Craig Rice
Associate Director for Information Systems, 1989-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.A., Minnesota

Katherine Ruby
Director of Financial Aid, 1998-
B.A., Carleton; M.P.A., Shippensburg

Leslie Sandberg
Assistant Director of Student Activities, 1990-
B.S., Winona State

Peter Sandberg
Assistant Vice President, 1988-
B.S., Winona State

Rachel Santurri
Assistant to the Director of Academic Research and Planning, 1994-
B.S., Southern Connecticut State

Jeffrey Sauve
Assistant Archivist, 1999-
B.A., Minnesota (Morris); M.A., Hamline

David Schlosser
Bookstore Director, 2002-
B.A., B.S., St. John’s

Nanette Schroeder
Assistant Registrar, Data Services, 1989-

Grace Schroeder Scott
Senior Principal Gifts Officer, Planned Giving, 1983-
B.A. St. Olaf; M.Ed., Iowa State

Timothy Schroer
Associate Dean of Community Life and Diversity/Director of Buntrock Commons, 1995-
B.A., Cincinnati; M.S.Ed., Indiana

Julia Seper
Director of GEAR UP!, 1996-

Eileen Shimota
Coordinator, Office for Internships, 1993-
B.S., MS., Mankato State

Abbey Showalter-Loch
Grant Proposal Writer, 2001-

Michael Sjulstad
Network Engineer, 1978-
B.S., Dunwoody; B.S.E.E., Grantham

Anthony Skalski
Systems Administrator, 2000-
B.S., Fordham

Patricia Harper Smith
Director of Office for Career Connections, 1983-
B.S., M.S., Bemidji State

Nathan Soland
Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, 2004-
B.A., St. Olaf

Helen Stellmaker
Coordinator of Program Advising and Student Activities, IOS, 1988-
B.A., St. Olaf

Kurt Stimeling
Associate Dean of Students — Freshman, 2001-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.S., Illinois State

Michael Strand
Unix Systems Database and Software Manager, 1994-
B.S., Bemidji State

Lois Stratmoen
AS/400 Programmer/Systems Analyst, 1988-
B.S., South Dakota State

David Swaim
Dance Staff Musician, 1999-

Kristy Sybilrud
Information Management Coordinator, 2000-
B.A., St. Catherine

Stacy Tepp
Academic Advisor, ETS/Upward Bound, 2000-
B.A., St. Olaf

Christopher M. Thomforde
President of the College, Professor of Religion, 2001-
A.B., Princeton; M.Div., Yale Divinity School, D.Min, Princeton Theological Seminary; D.D., Susquehanna

Janet Kringen Thompson
Director of Church Relations, 1997-
B.A., St. Olaf; M.S., Southern California

Marisela Tototzintle
Academic Advisor, Upward Bound, 2000-

Milyon Trulove
Assistant Director of Admissions, 1997-
B.A., St. Olaf

Kathryn Tuma
Associate Director of International and Off Campus Studies, 1975-

Jacob VanScoy
Web Designer/Editor, 2004-
B.A., St. Olaf

Peggy Walter
Assistant Director of Residence Life, 1994-
B.S., Mankato State; M.S., Central Missouri State

Barbara Walters
Budget Coordinator, International and Off-Campus Studies, 1988-

Wendy Woitalla
Technology Consultant/System Analyst, 1994-
B.S., Southwest Missouri State

Erica Zweifel
Research Associate, Biology, 1995-
B.S., Washington; B.S.T., Mankato State