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(See: Asian Studies)

Section Head, 2008-09: Barbara Reed (Asian Studies), East Asian religions

Faculty, 2008-09: Tomoko Hoogenboom (Asian Studies), Japanese language and linguistics; Marnie Jorenby (Asian Studies) Japanese language and literature; Phyllis Larson (Asian Studies) Japanese language and literature

Learning Japanese introduces you to a dynamic nation of 120 million people at the hub of technological innovation, trade, and diplomatic relations in the world’s fastest-growing market: the Pacific Rim. It introduces you to a modern country which has maintained a distinct cultural identity; a society which still emphasizes the individual’s responsibilities to family and group; and to an economy with distinctive solutions to problems of productivity, management, and motivation in the work place. It introduces you to the earliest non-Western nation to become a modern world power.

St. Olaf teaches three full years of Japanese language with a fourth year offered by tutorial and sends language students to four different campuses in Japan. Study programs in Japan are available at Waseda University in Tokyo through the ACM, at Ferris University in Yokohama, Nagoya University in Nagoya, and Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies in Nagasaki.


For information about Japanese language courses, the Japan studies concentration, and the Asian studies major, see ASIAN STUDIES.