Please note: This is NOT the most current catalog.

Media and Film Studies

Director, 2009-10: William Sonnega (Theatre)

Faculty, 2009-10: Karen Achberger (German), 20th-century literature, cinema, Austrian literature; Guido Alvarez (Art and Art History), new media; Kathryn Ananda-Owens (Music) piano; Brian Bjorklund (Theatre), design and production; Megan Feeney (Media Studies); Dona Freeman (Theatre), acting; Jeanine Grenberg (Philosophy), ethics, Kant, history of modern philosophy; Steve Hahn (History), early America, Native American history; Karil Kucera (Art and Art History), art history; Asian studies; Judy Kutulas (History), 20th-century American history, American women’s history, media history; Sian Muir (Management Studies), entrepreneurship, management strategy, marketing, arts management; Diana Neal (Nursing), pediatric and adult medical-surgical nursing; David Nitz, (Physics), atomic physics; Meg Ojala (Art and Art History), photography (on leave); Diana Postlethwaite (English), 19th-century British literature, literature and film (on leave); Anthony Roberts (Dance), modern dance, dance technology, Companydance; Marc Robinson (Russian Language and Area Studies), Russian language, Russian film, theater, and literature; Matthew Rohn (Art and Art History), art history, environmental studies; Mary Trull (English), 16th- and 17th-century literature (on leave); Pin P. Wan (Chinese), Chinese language and literature; Karen Peterson Wilson (Theatre), theater, voice/phonetics, oral interpretation

The Media and Film Studies program offers concentrations in Film Studies and in Media Studies. For more information on each program, see the separate listing under Film Studies and Media Studies.