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Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Chair, 2013-14: Jill Dietz, algebraic topology, group theory

Faculty, 2013-14: Richard J. Allen, logic programming, intelligent tutoring systems; Adam H. Berliner, matrix theory, graph theory, linear algebra; Laura Boehm, spatial data analysis, Bayesian methods; Richard A. Brown, reliable real time systems, pedagogical software techniques; Kosmas Diveris, commutative algebra; Kristina C. Garrett, partition theory, enumerative combinatorics; Olaf Hall-Holt, computer graphics, computational geometry; Bruce H. Hanson, complex analysis; Paul D. Humke, real analysis, dynamical systems; Sharon Lane-Getaz, statistics education; Julie Legler, biostatistics, latent variable modeling (on leave); Ryota Matsuura, mathematics education, number theory; Steven McKelvey, operations research, wildlife modeling (on leave); Arnold M. Ostebee, applied mathematics (on leave); Marju Purin, homological algebra, representation theory; Matthew Richey, mathematical physics, computational mathematics; Paul Roback, statistics; Kevin Sanft, computational biology; Kay E. Smith, logic, math history; Thomas St. George, differential equations; Rebecca Vandiver, mathematical biology; Kathryn Ziegler-Graham, biostatistics; Paul Zorn, complex analysis, mathematical exposition (on leave)

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science offers programs in all three disciplines, including majors in mathematics and computer science and a concentration in statistics. For more information on each program, see the separate listings under COMPUTER SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, and STATISTICS.