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The application deadline for all summer programs is March 15. This date will remain the same each year. Participants
in the Danish course are asked to send in a deposit of $300 by March 1 to hold their place in the course.
Applications for the Danish course will be taken through March 15. The deposit insures a first come-first served policy for qualified applicants for the Danish course. Please see information under Programs for further information about the Danish course.
Dates for the course in 2014 are June 30-July 25. As of March 6, 2014, there is a waiting list for the course as the class is full.

The application deadline for the Kierkegaard House Foundation fellowships is February 1. This date will
also remain the same each year starting in 2012. The decisions of the Board of the Kierkegaard House Foundation will be made at their annual meeting to take place on or near March 1.

Visit the program page to get complete information about requirements for the program of your choice.


May 5, 2013 - 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Soren Kierkegaard
Exhibit A - Glimpses of Kierkegaard's Early Life
Exhibit B- Publications by Kierkegaard Scholars 2012-2013


July 2014 (exact dates, times TBA)
Utech Memorial Kierkegaard Seminars
Presenter: Professor Lee Barrett, Mary B. and Henry P. Stager Chair in Theology, and Professor of Systematic Theology, Lancaster Theological Seminary.
These seminars are especially for Kierkegaard scholars participating in the Summer Fellows Program and
the Young Scholars Program. Others with interest are welcome.

November 2014 (exact date, time TBA)
Julia Watkin Memorial Kierkegaard Lecture
Speaker: Professor David W. Cain, Distinguished Professor- Philosophy, Classics, Religion,

Mary Washington University



Thursday, November 7, 2013, 7 PM. Viking Theater
Julia Watkin Memorial Kierkegaard Lecture -
Speaker: Dr. Rune Engebretsen
"Soren Kierkegaard: In the Wake of the Flying Geese"

This presentation was a sequel to Dr. Engebretsen's paper presented at the 7th International
Kierkegaard Conference in June 2013 entitled "Soren Kierkegaard: As the Geese Fly".

JULY 10 and 11 : WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, 10 -11:30 AM - BUNTROCK 142
Professor Emeritus Richard Crouter,
John M. and Elizabeth W. Musser Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus at Carleton College.

Title of this 2-part presentation: Scheleirmacher and the Persistence of Romanticism



Sunday,June 23 - Thursday June 27, 2013
The Seventh International Kierkegaard Conference

The Hong Kierkegaard Library hosted the Seventh International Kierkegaard Conference from June 23 to June 27th, 2013.  Professor Bruce Kirmmse offered the plenary address for this bicentennial celebration of Kierkegaard's birth following the Opening Dinner on Sunday, June 23. To view
the archived video of this presentation please see:

The program for the Conference included the presentation of 66 papers during the day
Monday-Thursday noon, June 24-27. Comments and questions followed each paper. Two
workshops were held on Tuesday evening, June 25, on "Kierkegaard and Psychology" and on "Kierkegaard and Politics". The Seminario Iberoamericano held a meeting. Claus Damgaard presented "The Kierkegaard Comedy Show" on Monday evening, June 24. A book exhibition and booksigning event were held after the plenary lecture on June 23 thanks to Ruth Block and the staff of the St. Olaf Bookstore. The conference closed with a luncheon at midday on Thursday, June 27.

To view the conference program, please see the following:


thank you

Books, articles, and financial gifts were recently donated to the Library by the following people:
Philip A. Ogbonna, Kinya Masugata, Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa, Edward Langerak, Elton Kelly, Hans Aaen, Michelle Yarmakov, Jia Luo, Luca Maugeri, Catalina Elena Dobre, Rafael Garcia Pavon, Merigala Gabriel, Laura Llevadot, Elisabete Sousa, Jose Mirande Justo, Almut Furchert, Rev. Donald Fox, Mme Claudine Liecker at the library of the Paris Opera, John Lippitt,
Jyrki Kivela, Luis Guerrero Martinez, Ettore Rocca, Igor Tavilla, Roman Kralik, The Friends of the Hong Kierkegaard Library, The Kierkegaard House Foundation, Alvaro Valls, Helene Politis, Claus Damgaard, John Plume, Jakub Marek, Rachel Moran, Ana Maria Lopez Calvo de Feijoo,Myriam Moreira Protasio,Maria Jose Binetti, Eric Pons, Troy Wellington Smith, Eric Pons, Andrew Burgess,
Charles Barker, Elizabeth Ann Palmer, Sergei Shevchenko, Kristen Eide-Tollefson, Begonya Saez Tajafuerce, Michael Tilley, Dr. Willem L. Ietswaart.

In Memory of Gene Mason from Greta and Robert Michaels, Ruth S. Donhowe, C. David Helgen, Bettye J. Olson, John Welckle, Newell and Lois Nelson, Mary Seabloom and James R. Dunne, Marian and Brian Johnson, Laurence and Nordis Christensen, Sandra Peterson, John R. Wallace, Roald A. Kindem and others.


St. Olaf Students:
Kristian Cardell,
Jacob Hendrickson,
Mattie Koerner,
Megan Welle,

Young Scholars from Other Institutions
Danielle Anderson (Augustana-Rock Island), '14
Dominik Berger (Brown University)'14
Patrick Carr (Davidson College) '14
Ben Chaiken (University of Chicago) '12
Dean Dettloff (Cornerstone University) '12
David Gehring (Old Dominion University) '13
Domenic Hutchins(Bard College ) '13
Danube Johnson ( Temple University) '14
David Ketch (Wheaton College) '12
Nathan Korstanje (Calvin College) '13
Peter LaMear (St. John's College - Santa Fe) '13
Keith Pulling (University of North Carolina) '14
Jordan Skinner (Cornerstone University) '12
Wei Kuang Pan (Boston College) '14
Vincent Weir (Davidson College)'13


Kellan Anfinson (Johns Hopkins University)
Jamie Aroosi (CUNY)
Evan Bednarz (University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign)
Dr. Maria Jose Binetti (CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Matthew Brake (Regent University; Bryant and Stratton College)
Taylor Brorby (Hamline University; St. Olaf '11)
Michael Burns (Loyola University Maryland; University of Dundee, UK),
Janaki Challa (New York University)
Matt Cordella (SUNY at Geneseo)
Christina Danko (Claremont Graduate University)
Marina Denischek (Boston College)
Stephen DeRose (Westminster Theological Seminary)
Jonathan Dickstein (Claremont Graduate University)
Matthew Dotson (University of South Carolina)
John Fantuzzo (Columbia University)
Meghan Florian (Duke University Divinity School)
Natasha Fredericks (Yale Divinity School)
Matthew Fujuimoto (Biola University)
Gencalp, Ayse Nur (Miami International University of Art and Design)
Gilbert, Thomas (Cambridge University, UK; University of California- Berkeley)
Gomes de Oliveira, Romulo (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil)
Tim Hall (Union Institute and University)
Caleb Hendrickson (Yale Divinity School, University of Virginia; St. Olaf '09)
Jennifer Hincapie Sanchez (Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de Mexico)
Luke Johnson (University of Georgia)
Jared Jones(Columbia Theological Seminary)
Wojtek Kaftanski (Australian Catholic Univeristy)
Jonathan Laven(University of Nevada- Las Vegas)
Kathleen LIchti(Yale Divinity School; St. Olaf '09)
Laura Liva(Universita G. d'Annunzio, Chieta, Italy; Soren Kierkegaard Research Center at the University
of Copenhagen)
Jesus Luzardo(University of Central Florida; Fordham University)
Frances Maughan-Brown (Boston College)
Dave Mesing (Villanova University)
Raymond Perrier (Claremont Graduate University)
Alan Ricardo Pereira (Federal Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil)
Susanne Rimstad (University of Copenhagen)
Nicholas Rogerson (University of Toledo)
Troy Wellington Smith (The University of Mississippi)
Michael Stark (Trinity Christian College)
Dr. Elisabete Sousa (Philosophy Center of the University of LIsbon)
Rachel Hunt Steenblik (Claremont Graduate University)
Anna Strelis (The New School for Social Research)
Brad Underwood (Duke University Divinity School)
Kevin Valenski (Boston College)
Matthew Welch (Lincoln Christian University)
Andrew Weller (Boston College School of Theology and Minsitry)
Simon Yee (Athabasca University)


Summer Fellows 2014 information - See PROGRAMS


Danish-Kierkegaard Course —2014

Professor Sinead Ladegaard Knox

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

; Ethics consultant at the NICU, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet
Member of the Clinical Ethics Committee for Paediatrics, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet
President of the Danish Society for Philosophical Practice; Member of the Nordic Network of Kierkegaard Research
Board Member, Danish Society for Clinical Ethics

Austria, Australia,Poland, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, Portugal, and Canada. (This does not include the Conference.)


VISITING SCHOLARS- Fall Semester 2013-2014
Dr. Patricia Johnson (University of Dayton)
Romulo Gomes de Oliveira (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil) - June 22- October 1
Professor Solomon Yesudoss Vijayan - (Lakeview Bible College, Chennai, India; PhD Candidate, Madras Christian College, Chennai; graduate degrees from Cincinnati Christian University)- September 30 - October 12

VISITING SCHOLARS- Spring Semester 2013-2014
Professor Jason Mahn
(Augustana College- Rock Island) Dates TBA
Claus Damgaard (Copenhagen, Denmark) Dates TBA

Dr. Walter Wietzke
(Fordham University, PhD Philosophy, 2013)
Dr. Almut Furchert ( Hochschule fur Philosophie Munchen, PhD; Humboldt -Universitat zu Berlin, Diploma of Psychology)

Sylvia Vignati (University of Frankfurt, Germany, PhD candidate; Soren Kierkegaard Research Center at the University of Copenhagen) September 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014.
David Lappano (University of Oxford, UK, PhD candidate) March 1-August 31, 2014.
Carson Seabourn Webb (Syracuse University, PhD candidate) September 1, 2013-August 31, 2014.


The Kierkegaard House Foundation considers applications only once a year. Applications will be accepted from September 1 through February 1 for openings beginning the following September. (For example, an application received by February 1, 2013 will be considered for openings as of September 2013 and later.)

Visit the Kierkegaard House Foundation Fellowship page for information about applying for a fellowship.