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Søren Kierkegaard Bicentennial Bust Project

Dear One & All,

Attached is a photo of our new Kierkegaard statue -- fashioned in bronze by Rita Marie Kepner after the famous profile drawing by H. P. Hansen (1854). [For a description of this drawing, see Joakim Garff, Soren Kierkegaard: A Biography, trans. Bruce H. Kirmmse, Revised Paperback Edition (2007) illustration 31.].
Our new statue will be dedicated next year at our bicentennial celebration of Kierkegaard's birth -- to be held on November 17, 2013. There will also be newly commissioned music premiered on that day -- as well as Danish folk daning in costume and Scandinavian pastries. You all are welcome to attend!
And if you would like to donate to this project and have your name added to the donors list (which will be posted on the official statue brochure), feel free to do so. Make out your tax-deductible donations to First Lutheran Church of West Seattle and put Kierkegaard Statue in the memo line. Then send it in to First Lutheran Church of West Seattle at 4105 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116.
Also, feel free to share this email with any of your intersted friends.
We also made the Howard V. Hong and Edna H. Hong Kierkegaard Library at St. Olaf College, Northfield Minnesota, the default co-owners of this statue (in case, some time in the distant future, our church doesn't want it on display any more). We are very grateful to the library for their generous financial support of this project and their willingness to be the designated co-owners.
Thanks for joining in with us in our celebration of Kierkegaard's writings.
(I'm also hoping that this attached photo can be used for the cover art of my forthcoming book with Wipf & Stock.)
Pastor Ron Marshall

[photos to be posted later]





From Guadalupe Pardi, October 29, 2012:






8, 9 y 10 de noviembre

Camacuá 282 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires

              “¿De qué me serviría que la verdad estuviera delante de mí, fría y desnuda, indiferente a ser reconocida o no, produciéndome un angustioso estremecimiento antes que una confiada devoción? Por cierto, no negaré que yo presupongo un imperativo del conocimiento, a través del cual es posible actuar sobre los hombres, pero para eso es necesario asumirlo vitalmente, y esto es lo que considero esencial. Mi alma tiene sed de esto, como los desiertos africanos tienen sed de agua." (S. K., Papirer, I A 75)


 15:00 - Comisión de trabajos  (coordina: Ana Fioravanti)

- Fernanda ROJAS – Colombia (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

“Kierkegaard y el filósofo en su torre de marfil”

- Liliana GUZMÁN (Universidad de Barcelona-Universidad de San Luis)

“Paco, un film sobre la Desesperación”

- Ana MATIELLO  – Brasil (Universidad Federal de Juiz de Fora)

“Paradoxo Absoluto e Dialética Existencial em Kierkegaard”

 Pausa - Café

 17:30 - Comisión de trabajos  (coordina: Pablo Uriel Rodríguez)

- Ana María FIORAVANTI (Biblioteca Kierkegaard Argentina)

“Kierkegaard, de profundis”

- Matías TAPIA WENDE – Chile (Universidad de Chile)

“La transformación cristiana de la razón: Lutero y Kierkegaard”



(Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Conferencia: “Existencia y subjetividad absoluta”


 09:30 - Comisión de trabajos  (coordina: Guadalupe Pardi)

-  Rafael Mc NAMARA – (UBA - IUNA)

“Del saber a la creencia: Kierkegaard va al cine con Deleuze”

- Juan Manuel SPINELLI – (Universidad de Morón)

“Kierkegaard en Wittgenstein según Schönbaumsfeld”

 Pausa - Café

 11:30 - Comisión de trabajos  (coordina: Juan Vázquez Broquá)

-  Pablo Uriel RODRÍGUEZ – (UBA – Universidad de Morón)

“Los mitos de Juan, el Seductor: de las cartas a Cordelia (Diario de un Seductor) al discurso en el   banquete estético (In vino veritas)"


“Kierkegaard y la autonomía del arte”

 13:00 Almuerzo


 “And then thou loueſt me – Un rumor”, presentado por JIVB

 Pausa - Café

 17:00 - Comisión de trabajos  (coordina: Nassim Bravo Jordán)

- María Sol RUFINER (Universidad Católica Argentina)

 “El rey y la humilde muchacha”


“Sobre la identidad de ser y conocer o bien El devenir libre de la idea”

- Oscar Alberto CUERVO (UBA - Biblioteca Kierkegaard Argentina)

“Secreto y comunicación en Temor y temblor. Kierkegaard y Derrida”

 19:00 - Conferencia


(Universidad de Barcelona – España)

“Hacer la verdad:

Acerca de la confesión en Kierkegaard, Foucalt y Derrida”


 10:00 - Comisión de trabajos  (coordina: Pablo Uriel Rodríguez)

- Nassim BRAVO JORDÁN – México (Universidad Nac. Autónoma de México)    

“Una idea por la cual querer vivir y morir. El viaje a Gilleleje”

-  Guadalupe PARDI – (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

“Un modo de existencia impropio: la admiración”   

 - Eduardo FERNÁNDEZ VILLAR – (Universidad de Mar del Plata)

“Tierra adentro - Una lectura edificante sobre Atahualpa”

 12:30 – Almuerzo



(Universidad Iberoamericana de México)

“Conocimiento como preámbulo de la existencia"  


(Universidad UNISINOS – Brasil)

“Lessing, pensador religioso, y modelo del pensador subjetivo

en el Postscriptum de 1846”

 Entrada libre y gratuita

Se otorgarán certificados de asistencia a oyentes y expositores que así lo deseen.




 From Dr. Patrick Stokes, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
Call for Papers -dated 9/24/12
Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, 16-18 August 2013
“‘He was believed in the world’! This does pertain to you, does it not; it pertains to you…”

The “Kierkegaard in the World” conference, proudly presented by the Centre for Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion at Australian Catholic University and the Centre for Citizenship and Globalization at Deakin University, celebrates the 200th anniversary of Kierkegaard’s birth by examining the ways in which the world figures in his thought, and the ways in which his thought has entered the world.

Kierkegaard’s work is rightly seen as a corrective of “worldliness,” but he is equally attuned to the necessity that the life of faith appear in the world (not in monastic retreat from it). This conference aims to explore how worldly life is transformed by Kierkegaard’s insights. How does the Kierkegaardian subject appear in the world? What about the incognito: Is it a form of strict invisibility or does its counter-worldliness paradoxically show up in the world? Kierkegaard is a thinker of transcendence, but is there a Kierkegaardian theory of immanence? The priority of subjective truth is obvious in Kierkegaard’s philosophy, but what of his theory of objective truth? How would subjective truth make its way in the world? How would it be embodied or transmitted? What implications does Kierkegaard’s thought have for political orders, cultural artefacts, communicative strategies, or the founding and perpetuation of traditions? How might Kierkegaard’s work intersect with various world religions? And how has Kierkegaard’s own thinking been translated, transmitted, and given expression in contexts across time and space?

We invite papers of not more than 3,000 words that confront these and related questions. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent to Dr. Patrick Stokes (patrick.stokes@deakin.edu.au) and/or Dr. Jeffrey Hanson (Jeffrey.Hanson@acu.edu.au) no later than 15th March 2013.

Further details of the conference, including schedule, registration, travel and accommodation will be made available at www.kierkegaardintheworld.com.

Dr Patrick Stokes
Lecturer in Philosophy
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Deakin University

D5.18 Melbourne Campus
221 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC 3125, Australia
Ph. +61 3 9244 3941 : Fx. +61 3 9251 7426
Email: patrick.stokes@deakin.edu.au
Web: www.deakin.edu.au : www.patrickstokes.com



October 2012

From Elisabete Sousa (CFUL, U Lisbon):

Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa  -   Philosophy Center of the University of Lisbon

Faculdade de Letras                                                 Faculty of Humanities

Tradução de Obras de Kierkegaard 1838-44         Translation of Kierkegaard’s Works 1838-44


International Conference

Kierkegaard: Philosophy, Literature and the Challenges of Infinitude

October 25- 26, 2012

FLUL, Faculty of Humanities, University of Lisbon

Room 5.2  

Speakers /Program

Thursday, October 25  

Morning Session I

Pia Søltoft (U Copenhagen): Falling in Love with Existence

Marcio Gimenes de Paula (U Brasília): Love in Kierkegaard: discussions around eros, agape and philia

Sara Eckerson (IFL, U Nova, Lisbon): Kierkegaard’s musical ideas: determinations and reconciliation of “A Cursory Observation” and “The Immediate Erotic Stages”

Elisabete Sousa (CFUL, U Lisbon): Repetition in continual reference to Liszt

Afternoon Session I

Poul Lübcke (U Copenhagen): An Infinity of Voices

Ana Pinto Leite: Climacus' revocation: a dialogical perspective

Ingrid Basso: Infinitude and Freedom, Possibility and negation: the chance of a philosophical treatment of the concept of reality in Kierkegaard and the influence of the latest Schelling

Roberto Garaventa (U Chieti-Pescara): The aesthetic way of life between boredom and search of the interesting

Friday, October 26
Morning Session II

Oscar Parcero Oubinha (U Vigo): Loquere ut videam: “Guilty?”/”Not Guilty?” and The Writing of Irony

Fernando Silva (CFUL, U Lisbon): “A subjectivity raised to the second power”: Kierkegaard’s view of Schlegel’s concept of irony

Bartholomew Ryan (U Nova, Lisbon): Into the Nothing, or conquering temporality with Kierkegaard and Pessoa

Susana Janic (CFUL, U Lisbon): Prefaces as polemical and fragmentary discourses

Afternoon Session II

Richard Purkarthofer (U Wuppertal): Images of Infinitude

Bruno Peixe Dias (CFUL, U Lisbon): Existential Truths and Challenging Acts: The Antiphilosophy of Kierkegaard

René Rosfort (U Copenhagen): Fragile Personhood: Anthropology and Emotional Harmony in The Concept of Anxiety

José Miranda Justo (CFUL, U Lisbon): Kierkegaard’s Writing and Infinitude: If we are finite, how can we relate or refer to infinitude.

For further information, please contact:
Elisabete Sousa   elisabetemdesousa@gmail.com
José Miranda Justo josemmjusto@gmail.com
Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa   c.filosofia@fl.ul.pt


Paolo Pena from Sociedad Academica Kierkegaard sends the following publicity about the upcoming Symposium to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 11, 2012. Please click to see posters:
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3 - Program

February 11, 2011

Newsletter from Società Italiana per gli Studi Kierkegaardiani (SISK)

February 7, 2011


January 31, 2011

Notes from John J. Davenport!

  1. Please download this pdf announcement for the new Ph.D. scholarship at the University of Copenhagen for a doctoral student working Kierkegaard — a very welcome development! I hope to have some more details about this to pass along soon.
  2. As many of you know, the Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook published from the Kierkegaard Research Centre by De Gruyter is becoming a journal open to global submissions — see the call for papers below (January 28). Several of you have presented excellent papers at our APA and AAR sessions, some of which have not yet been published. Some of you might consider submitting these to the new editorial board! Of course, other more intertopical journals should also be considered. But I believe the new KS Yearbook journal will be accessible in electronic issues to subscribing libraries much more widely than in the past.
  3. Please remember that in 2013 the Research Seminar normally held in August at the SK Research Centre in Copehagen will instead take place in early May, as currently planned to coincide with Kierkegaard's 200th birthday. This could be relevant for planning other events.

January 28, 2011

Announcement and Call for Papers
The Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook and Monograph Series will continue publication with a new editorial staff. For the full announcement and information on submitting work download the pdf.

International Kierkegaard Society
Announcing the formation of a new society, dedicated to facilitating the globalization of Kierkegaard Studies. Visit their website for more information.

Conference Announcement
The annual conference on Kierkegaard's 1847 Discourses will be held May 6-8 in Sheffield, U.K. Read an invitation with full information in a letter from Dr. Simon D. Podmore (pdf).


Søren Kierkegaard Society (U.S.A.)

For complete information, please see the Society's October 1 newsletter available from Professor Louise Carroll-Keeley, Secretary-Treasurer. The following is a summary of the Society's announcements.

  1. SKS at the AAR
  2. The Society sponsored another session at the AAR on Saturday. (
  3. AAR Kierkegaard, Religion and Culture Group
    1. Main Session
    2. Joint Session
    3. Joint Session with Ethics Group,

Søren Kierkegaard Society at American Philosophical Association

Kierkegaard Society Group Meeting- Pacific APA

Søren Kierkegaard Society of the U.K.

Kierkegaard Circle — University of Toronto


Sobreski–Kierkegaard Society of Brazil

Kierkegaard Society in Slovakia




ACTA Kierkegaardiana

Volumes can be ordered from the St. Olaf Bookstore.

submission guidelines.


IKC: International Kierkegaard Commentary

Professor Robert Perkins began planning the IKC in 1982-3 and the first volume appeared in 1984 (Two Ages). This volume was supported by the University of South Alabama with the following 23 generously supported by Stetson University. "The collection of 282 essays is the largest 'commentary' (i.e.critique) of Kierkegaard yet produced in any language. There is a volume of essays on each volume of Kierkegaard's Writings, the complete translation of his authorship done primarily by Howard and Edna Hong of St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn." (Two of the volumes were prepared by other competent translators.)

Questions or requests for information regarding the IKC should now be sent to Mark Jolley, publisher of Mercer University Press.

KJN Kierkegaards Journals & Notebooks

KJN Volume 3 appeared at the beginning of the summer. KJN 4 and 5 are in the pipeline at various stages…, I'm working on volume 6." For further info, contact Brian Soderquist. — Bruce Kirmmse

SVI online

Did you all know Google books has searchable editions of SV1 on line? Check it out! — Marilyn Piety
For further information, contact:
M.G. Piety
Department of English and Philosophy
Drexel University
3250-60 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA


10 år med Søren Kierkegaard Kulturproduktion

I år er det ti år siden at Søren Kierkegaard Kulturproduktion så dagens lys.

Søren Kierkegaard Kulturproduktion arbejder for at gøre forfatteren og filosoffen Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) og hans værker mere tilgængelige og mere anvendte i kulturlivet.

Gennem årene har vi således stået for en lang række dramatiserede opførelser af fx Kierkegaards Johannes Forførerens Dagbog i ind- og udland, ligesom vi har udgivet et par CD’er, nemlig Kierkegard Set To Music, Johannes Forførerens Dagbog med musik af Sofia Gubaidulina, og den græsksprogede Johannes Forførerens Dagbog med musik af Mozart.

Vi har tillige udgivet en bibliografi over sang- og musikværker og teaterstykker der har med Kierkegaard at gøre, ligesom vi har udgivet en række bøger blandt andre KIERKEGAARD Den første Kærlighed og andre tekster om drama, hvor alle Kierkegaards teaterfilsofiske tekster er samlet og kommenteret.

Vi har redigeret sangtekster til en række Kierkegaard-musikværker af blandt andre Niels Viggo Bentzon, John Frandsen, Bent Lorentzen, Lars Graugaard og Sven Erik Werner.

Ny bog på vej fra os i år er: KIERKEGAARD Breve og Notater fra Berlin, hvor Kierkegaards forhold til datidens teaterliv i Berlin er omtalt, herunder hans betagelsen af datidens tyske stjernesopran Hedwig Schultze.

I 2013 er det 200 året for Kierkegaard fødsel og vi ser frem til at Kierkegaard bliver fejret, ikke kun herhjemme men også i udlandet.

Læs mere på vores website www.kierkegaard-kultur.dk

Med venlig hilsen Vibeke hinge Jensen og Jens Staubrand