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Web-Based Applications for Chemical Education: Experiences and Visions

An on-line conference, beginning May 5, 2006
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There is no registration fee for this on-line conference. On-Line discussion will occur via the CONFCHEM Majordomo e-mail list. To subscribe to the CONFCHEM Majordomo, send the following command:

      SUBSCRIBE  CONFCHEM  your-name  <your e-mail address>

in the body of an e-mail message to MAJORDOMO@CLARKSON.EDU.

Note that your e-mail address must be bracketed by < and >. You will receive a confirmation email with more instructions. Other instructions, such as unsubscribing from the list, are on the subscribing page.

CONFCHEM on-line conferences are organized by the ACS Division of Chemical Education's Committee on Computers in Chemical Education (CCCE).