Probability Distribution At Level 2, n=2 l=1 m=+/-1 for the H Atom (Z = 1)


Combined Probabilities

Each axis point represents 1 Angstrom (100 pm); full range -10 to +10 A.
Orbital extent was set at 6 A. Click and drag the models to see them from different perspectives.
These depictions were created as follows:
  1. Orbital.EXE was used to create the individual Chime XYZ files, each consisting of 5000 probability points and 61 points showing the axes.
  2. Using an editor, the files were opened.
  3. The 5000 probability points from one file (skipping the 61 axes points) were cut and pasted into the other file.
  4. The first number in the file, "5061" was changed to "10061"
  5. The file was saved under a new name.
  6. The 2_1_1_.HTM file created by Orbital.EXE was adapted to show what you are reading now.

R. M. Hanson, "Orbital" J. Chem. Educ. 2003, 80, 109 Bob Hanson