About the Symposium

The Science Symposium at St. Olaf College offers a time to focus on areas where emerging science and social issues converge, and to celebrate the research accomplishments of our natural science and mathematics students. The first Science Symposium was held in 1999 and has been generously funded each year by the Paul and Mildred Hardy Distinguished Professorship in the Sciences. The St. Olaf community and visitors are invited to presentations by notable speakers who will share their current research and their reflections on its implications for society. A poster session — during which students present their research — and small group meetings with the invited speakers offer an opportunity to see the world through the lens of science.


Current Symposium

2011: Water: Our Essential Resource


Past Symposia

2010 Modeling Complexity in Life, Social Networks, and the Universe
2009: New Technologies, New Decisions
2008: Living in Our Toxic World
2007: Cosmic Questions: Life, the Universe and Everything
2006: A Balance for the Future: The Science of Sustainability
2005: Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Unseen Threat
2004: The Strange Attraction of Chaos: Advances in Understanding Complex Systems
2003: Lessons from the Past, Choices for the Future
2002: Big Questions, Small-Scale Solutions: New Frontiers of Nanoscience
2001: Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain, from Molecules to Behavior
2000: New Science for the New Century: Challenges for the Future