Food & Drink Policy (Adopted June, 2009)

Rolvaag Library’s Food & Drink Policy endeavors to create a welcoming atmosphere for research, reflection, and relaxation. As we strive to promote a pleasant environment, we also wish to protect the college’s significant investment in the physical collection, computer technology, and furniture. We ask that library users act responsibly when consuming food and beverages, and ensure that no trace is left behind and no damages are caused by the presence food or drink in Rolvaag Library.

We ask that library users follow these guidelines to ensure the library remains a clean and welcoming place for everyone.

  • Take responsibility for maintaining a sanitary and pleasant environment:
  • Remove crumbs, wipe off sticky surfaces, and clean up after yourself.
  • Dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles.
  • Refrain from bringing particularly smelly and messy food in the library, this includes pizza, fast food, soup, etc.
  • Use good judgement in keeping food and drink at a safe distance from library materials and computers.
  • Report food or drink spills to the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk promptly so that immediate action may be taken to minimize damages.

Note: Unattended food/drink will be promptly discarded.