Research Services for Faculty

Research librarians can collaborate with you to

  • create a research instruction plan for your courses
    • See Planning for Research Instruction below for detailed information about topics/concepts/material that can be covered in a session, and tips about planning and scheduling sessions.
  • think of effective ways to integrate technology into your teaching and assignments
  • flip your classroom!
  • design assignments
  • develop the library's collection to support your teaching
  • develop ideas for digital humanities projects
  • weigh basic questions about copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons licenses
  • explore open access and alternative forms of scholarly publishing
  • use citation managers, especially EndNote and Zotero
  • assist you with your own research
  • help with your iPad
  • find and download e-books

Liaison Librarians

Each department has a liaison librarian who will work with you to develop and support information literate learners. Liaisons will work with you on research instruction, assignment design, preparing new courses, and boosting library resources when needed.

Find Your Department's Liaison

Planning for Research Instruction

Course Reserves

Rolvaag, Science, and Music all provide course reserves services for their materials. Please consult the Course Reserves page for complete information.

Book Library Materials for a Class

Rolvaag Library offers a booking service which permits faculty to reserve DVDs or videos for in-class screening on a specified date.

Proxy Borrowing Card

St. Olaf College faculty, academic staff, professional staff, and visiting scholars are allowed to designate chosen individuals to act as proxy representatives when checking out materials from the St. Olaf College Libraries.  Faculty and other authorized staff members will be issued a Proxy Borrowing Card which they can give to the proxy representatives they have designated.  This card will be on a separate account from your personal St. Olaf One Card.

Collection Development

Request a Purchase:

Please contact your department's library liaison for more information.

Who are your research librarians?

Kasia Gonnerman

Kasia Gonnerman
Head of Research & Instruction

Aimee Brown

Aimee Brown
Special Collections Librarian

Beth Christensen (on sabbatical 2013-14)
Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson
Research & Instruction Librarian

Kris MacPherson

Kris MacPherson
Research & Instruction Librarian

Jason Paul

Jason Paul
Research & Instruction & Emerging Technologies Librarian

Charles Priore

Charles Priore
Science Librarian