Ask a Librarian

If you don't know whom to contact or the office/desk you're trying to reach isn't answering, please call the Rolvaag circulation desk (507-786-3224).


In Person


  • Rolvaag Library: 507-786-3224 (circulation); 507-786-3452 (reference)
  • Halvorson Music Library: 507-786-3209 (circulation); 507-786-3362 (reference)
  • Hustad Science Library: 507-786-3389 (circulation); 507-786-3099 (reference)
  • Interlibrary Loan: 507-786-3713 (Kim Fradgley) or 507-786-3122 (Dawn Moder)


  • Rolvaag Library: library at
  • Music Librarian (Rachel Weiss): weissr at
  • Science Librarian (Charles Priore): priore at
  • Or, fill out the form below.