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St. Olaf Summer International Service Learning
Ingria, Russia ~ June 2005

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Dr. Paul Niemisto of the Music Department leave on May 31 with a group of 8 St. Olaf students on a Lilly Foundation sponsored International Service Learning Project to the Ingrian region of western Russia. The group will complete its project by June 22.

There are about 70,000 ethnic Finns living in Karelian Russia. They are known as Ingrians. Ingria (Ingermanland) is that cultural region of Baltic Russia where Peter the Great established the new city of St. Petersburg in the 1700's. Ingrians now live in different parts of western Russia but mostly in the area around the city of Petroskoi (Petrozsavosk), in the environs of St. Petersburg, and in Estonia. During the 1990s about 14,000 Ingrians emigrated to Finland after the fall of the Soviet regime. Karelia is the westernmost province of Russia, which borders on Finland. The Karelian territory was in dispute during Finno-Russian border conflicts in the 1930s. Millions of acres of Finnish territory, where the Ingrians lived, were ceded to the Soviet Union in a peace treaty.

Lutheranism has been a cultural force among the Ingrians in Karelian Russia for many generations. The Ingrian Church experienced a tremendous renaissance after 1990 when a new law was passed in Russia allowing freedom of religious expression. The old existing churches suddenly filled with people and new congregations were founded. While before Perestroika there were two Finnish Lutheran congregations in Ingria, by the end of 1995 there were 36 with a membership of 15,000. Since then, there have been several new congregations formed each year.

Follow the links below to read more about this trip:

Student Selection and Preparation

Finland's National Instrument - The Kantele

Ingria Pilgrims' Travel Itinerary

Russian Karelia - N. of St. Petersburg

Region around St. Petersburg, with Jukki and Keltto (two villages where the St. Olaf Ingria Pilgrims will be located)

Old, hand drawn map of the Ingria region, showing old villages and dialect groups from a century ago

Student Reading List

Ingria Travel Links

Ingria Pilgrim Preliminary Report




Ingria Student Participants

Katja Andresen ’08, from Farmington Minnesota, is a student of biology, plans to be a medical doctor, enjoys playing and coaching sports, is a musician (flute), and speaks Finnish.

Anne Balkany ’08, from St. Cloud, Minnesota, is a student of biology, plans to be a medical doctor, enjoys horseback riding, has worked in hippotherapy, has volunteered in Canadian wilderness. She has studied French and German.

Jonathan Bartz ’08, from Beloit, Wisconsin, is young composer and pianist. Has studied Spanish.

Rebecca Huncosky ’08, from Madison, Wisconsin, a student of biology, and also plans to be a medical doctor. She enjoys music (oboe), has extensive experience as a Lutheran volunteer. She speaks Spanish.

Erica Jaastad ’08, from Denver, Colorado, is planning to be a human rights lawyer. She has traveled to Korea. She has studied Spanish, French, Arabic.

David Mitchell ’08, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has major studies in business and Russian. He has lived in France and Germany and also speaks Russian.

Seija Rahkola ’08, from Birchwood, Minnesota, is a student of sciences, enjoys playing and coaching sports, is a musician (percussion), speaks Finnish.

Bria Schurke ’08, from Ely Minnesota, has extensive experience living in wilderness conditions, including Wrangel Island on northeast Russian coast, in Siberia, and Kamchatka. She speaks Russian.