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St. Olaf Receives Sustainability Grant from Lilly Endowment

The Center for Experiential Learning, Lilly Program Committee and Lilly Sustainability Task Force are pleased to report the receipt of a $430K Lilly Sustainability Grant from the Lilly Endowment.

In fall of 2005, the Lilly Endowment invited St. Olaf to submit a proposal for a Lilly Sustainability Grant. The three-year grant's purpose is to help the College transition and institutionalize some of the vocational exploration programs and services awarded in the original grant. In May 2006, we were pleased to be notified that St. Olaf College was awarded a $430K grant. We feel that this award is a testament to the good work we have done with infiltrating the notion of vocation on campus. The full proposal may be found here.

The following programs will continue through the Sustainability Grant:

Lilly Teaching Fellows Program
Selected faculty members
were awarded one course-release time to reflect on and implement vocational components into their existing or newly created courses. The Lilly Sustainability Grant provides funding to create intentional opportunities for these faculty members to continue their dialogue on how the implementation has impacted their students' discernment process.

Faculty Development
TBA--See Civic Engagement Faculty Institute.

Lilly Vocational Intern
The Lilly Sustainability Grant provides funding for a dedicated intern for all Lilly related programming. The intent is to engage a recent St. Olaf graduate who has an interest in pursing a life of worth and service in the nonprofit sector. The intern will work directly with the executive director on all facets of Lilly programs and services.

Vocational Community Internships
By far, one of the most successful programs instituted through the original Lilly Program Grant was that of the Summer Vocational Internships. Each summer, five to six students explored their ministerial callings within a Twin Cities urban congregation while being mentored by Randy Nelson of Luther Seminary. The Sustainability Grant provides monetary support to continue this notable work.

Pastoral Intern
The original Lilly Program Grant provided funding and housing for past pastoral interns. The Pastor's Office has greatly benefited from the insight and expertise these interns offered while the interns benefited from engagement in campus life. The Sustainability Grant will continue to subsidize this program.

Vocational Retreats
Several models of delivery for student vocational retreats have been tested in the CEL. The CEL has perfected a three-part workshop series where students thoroughly explore their vocation through specific activities and assessment tools. These workshops will continue to be administered by CEL professionals for the student body.

International Service Learning
Lilly Summer International Service Learning faculty, staff and students have traveled to Russia, Morocco, Peru, India, Thailand and Nicaragua to perform service-learning projects, reflect on faith and vocation, and experience cultural and religious diversity. Although traditionally organized during the summer months, International Service Learning trips will shift to interim to complement the College's existing study-abroad programming.

Lilly Sustainability Task Force Members

Bruce Benson, College Pastor

J. Patrick Dale, GFR, Assoc. Prof. Polictical Science

Rich Durocher. Prof. of English

L. DeAne Lagerquist, Prof. of Relgion, Dept. Chair

Elizabeth Musselman, Pastoral Intern

Arnie Ostebee, Asst. Provost

Doug Schuurman, Prof. of Religion

Pat Smith, Director, CEL

Kurt Stimeling, Assoc. Dean

Janet Thompson, Interim VP, College Relations