Photo Gallery

Here you'll find pictures from gigs, groups shots, blackmail name it. If you have something you think would fit in well here, please send it to the webmaster. Click on the thumbnails to see a full-sized copy.

photo gallery

Taken during Band Day, the following snapshots are of assorted Norseman and Ole Band members, many of which are in the esteemed Trombone Choir.
A group of glittering bones.
Faces that will make history.

The following pictures are from the STOTC/TA concert. Thanks to Dr. Moses Rodriguez for the snapshots!
Dr. Moses Rodriguez (l) and Professor Paul Niemisto (r), directors of the Trombones Anonymous and St. Olaf Trombone Choir.
A picture from the balcony during performance.
Prof. Niemisto hard at work, while the rest of us goof off.
More shenanigans.