Music Samples:


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Czech Trombone Treasures
Prague Trombones Tracks #1-11
New Prague Trombones Tracks #12-30
19. Royal Procession/Where is My Home?
Encore! Prague Trombones
   Tracks #21-47
39. Procession of the Brethren
48. Adoramus te, Christe
Largo and Finale
for Trombone Quartet Tracks #49 & 50
Three Slavonic Dances Tracks #51-53
Goin' Home for Trombone Quartet Track 54
Concert Duets Track 55

Wonderous Essence An Amazing Spirit
1. Concertante Antiphonale
2. Amazing Grace
3. Pseudo-Blues
4. The Old Rugged Cross
5. Fugue in G Minor
6. Beautiful River
7. Excerpt from "Damnation of Faust"
    I. Drinking Song
8. Ave Maria (Angelus Domini).
9. La Bavara
10. Collage
11. Every Time I Feel the Spirit
12. In Memoriam
13. Little Brown Jug
14. Pilgrim's Chorus
15. Five Antiphons (I, III, IV, V)