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MPR looks at Career Network for Oles

By David Gonnerman '90
May 25, 2010

Ana Ashby '10 used the Career Network for Oles to line up a music-related internship.

A Minnesota Public Radio story that looks at how St. Olaf students are turning to alumni for career assistance and advice focuses on music major Ana Ashby '10 and her success with the Career Network for Oles, a networking program started this year by the Center for Experiential Learning, President David R. Anderson '74, and the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

"Some students are burying their heads in the sand and saying, 'There's nothing out there for me so I'm not even going to try,'" Kirsten Cahoon, senior associate director of career connections at St. Olaf, told MPR's Tim Post. "[Career Network for Oles] mitigates that initial fear on students' behalf of having to go out and make a cold call, or email an alum with whom they've never met."

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