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Sociology students to present at national conference

By Kari VanDerVeen
June 9, 2010

Three St. Olaf students have been selected to participate in the prestigious honors program at the American Sociological Association's annual meeting this summer, and another will attend the conference to present her research.

Honors program participants Elizabeth Reynolds '10, Alex Schmidt '10, and Audrey Webb '11 will present their research and network with sociologists from around the country at the meeting, which will be held August 14–17 in Atlanta. Lyndel Owens '10 will also attend the conference to present her research. All of the students will also have the opportunity to attend sessions led by prominent sociologists such as Patricia Hill Collins.

Reynolds, Schmidt, Webb, and Owens will present research that they and their research teams conducted in Assistant Professor of Sociology Ryan Sheppard's Foundations of Social Science Research course. Schmidt's research focuses on the Internet and social support; Webb's project looks at the relationship between social support, body image, and eating habits; Reynolds's research is a quantitative analysis of romantic relationships, alcohol and prescription stimulant use, and social support; and Owens will present on the relationship between religiousity and social support at St. Olaf.

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