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Cleaning up the Cannon

By David Gonnerman '90
September 22, 2010

Professor of Biology Kathleen Shea, curator of the St. Olaf Natural Lands, recently guided 17 St. Olaf students as they cleaned up a section of Northfield’s Cannon River. The volunteers waded through the water and policed the banks to collect 43 bags of trash, nine pieces of metal of various sizes, and two tires.

This was the second year that students have tackled part of the three-mile stretch of river between County Road 1 in Dundas and the Highway 3 bridge in Northfield that St. Olaf took on in the 1990s as part of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’s Adopt-a-River Program. The effort, which included students from biology and environmental studies classes, plus Environmental Coalition members, was part of the Cannon River Watershed Partnership watershed-wide clean-up.

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