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Star Tribune checks out 'This Here Now'

By David Gonnerman '90
October 15, 2010

Christine Bauemler's Darwin's Table (mixed media including table, bell jars, and video monitors) and South American Miscellanea (photographs printed using the platinum process) on display in "This Here Now" through October 31. Other artists in the show are Guido Alvarez, Jil Evans, Jill Ewald, and Chris Larson.

The Star Tribune's Mason Riddle recently visited This Here Now in Flaten Art Museum, noting that the show, which runs through October 31, "poses big questions about the uneasy relationship between the natural world and human consciousness.

"The installations are provocative and, given the artists' quest of the abstract, each is unexpectedly resolved as a visual work of art," Riddle writes. "Combining variously found objects, painting, sculpture and photography, the one element shared by all five installations is the integration of technology."


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