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Ojala publishes, shows new photos

By David Gonnerman '90
January 13, 2011

Professor of Art/Art History Meg Ojala has contributed photos — including the cover image — to the newly published book This Perennial Land: Third Crops, Blue Earth, and the Road to Restorative Agriculture. The book uses essays and photographs to trace the natural history of the greater Blue Earth watershed of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota, and how recent developments are "returning the land to ecological health."

Ojala also is showing an exhibit in the Flaten Art Museum through February 20 called River and Stone, Letters and Leaves. The show features photos she took during her 2009–10 sabbatical, including large-scale color landscape photographs, small-scale platinum-palladium prints from Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and a group of experimental pieces. "Visual elements and themes such as line and repetition, the compression of space and time, and a heightened sense of impermanence, appear in all of this seemingly disparate work," she says.

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