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Tweeting for work

By David Gonnerman '90
March 25, 2011

Natalie Neal '10, Connor Johnson '12, and Genette Sekse '12 are highlighted in the New York Times story "Competing for summer internships, using a Twitter contest." The three have been chosen to fill half of the six internship slots offered by the Campbell Mithun advertising agency after competing with more than 400 applicants in a contest the agency ran via the social networking site Twitter.

Applicants were required to 'tweet' once a day for 13 days in February to make the case for why they should be hired. Twitter limits messages to 140 characters.

Sekse's tweets included "you want interns with a COMPETITIVE EDGE? How about this" that included a link to a photo of her competing on the college's ski team. Not to be outdone, Neal wrote "To climb Mt. Kilimanjaro despite headaches, cramps, cold & lack of oxygen takes sheer determination," while Johnson referenced his experience on St. Olaf's Term in the Middle East.

The three Oles, all of whom are media studies majors, will start their 10-week internships June 6.

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