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St. Olaf Band families share the stage

By Mara Kumagai Fink '11
April 26, 2011

"The four of us have never gotten to perform in the same ensemble before, and I feel that this will be an event I will remember for the rest of my life," says Lauren Seidel, second from left, with her parents, Roxanne and Jeff, and sister, Kira. Other students performing alongside their parents Sunday are French horn player Jim Peterman '12 and mother Laurie Peterman '80 on flute, and clarinetist Mara Fink '11 and father David Fink '73 on bass clarinet.

St. Olaf parents are a staple in the bleachers of Skoglund Center Auditorium, where they often sit, squinting, eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of their student during campus musical performances. But this weekend a group of parents will get to share the stage with their students when, for the first time in 20 years, the St. Olaf Band performs a joint concert with the Minnesota Symphonic Winds (MSW).

Timothy Mahr '78, conductor of the St. Olaf Band, also conducts the MSW, a community band based in Edina. Miles Johnson, Mahr's predecessor at St. Olaf, founded the MSW, which is now the musical home of nearly 50 former St. Olaf Band members. Five of those band alumni now have children who are carrying on the family legacy as members of the St. Olaf Band.

"It is never lost on alumni the immeasurable contribution Miles Johnson made to that history and tradition, both with the St. Olaf Band and the formation of Minnesota Symphonic Winds," says trumpet player Jeff Seidel '80, who has two children in the St. Olaf Band. "Tim Mahr is an extension of that legacy, just as our children are an extension of our legacy. That continuum is not lost on any of us."

Four members of the Seidel family will perform in the upcoming joint concert. Jeff Seidel and his wife, flutist Roxanne Johnson Seidel '81, are members of MSW. Daughters Kira Seidel '14, who plays French horn, and Lauren Seidel '11, an oboist, are members of the St. Olaf Band. For all of them, it will be a day to remember.

Each band will first perform a few pieces separately and then join together to play local composer Daniel Kallman's Promenade and Gallop and Bruce Broughton’s Silverado. Jeff and Lauren Seidel will have the opportunity to share a solo on Silverado.

Timothy Mahr '78 conducts both the St. Olaf Band and the Minnesota Symphonic Winds.

"I grew up around the band legacy, attending MSW concerts from a young age and hearing band music at home," Lauren Seidel says. "It will be an amazing experience to play in an ensemble not only with my parents, but also my sister. The four of us have never gotten to perform in the same ensemble before, and I feel that this will be an event I will remember for the rest of my life."

John '81 and Annette Feider Ranheim '82 are St. Olaf Band alumni whose daughter, Meggie Ranheim, is a senior clarinet player this year. For the Ranheims, this concert will be a great way to cap off four years of watching their daughter perform with the group where they met. "The St. Olaf Band has a special place in our family because of all the great friends and memories," Annette Ranheim says. "We are very happy that Meggie has also had a great experience with the band, and this joint concert will be a nice way to culminate our band years."

Mahr says this was the perfect time to have a combined concert. "It's important to have the college students hear the adult group and come to the realization that high-level music making can be a part of their life for years and years to come," he says. "And it's been a good challenge for the adults to prepare top-notch repertoire to perform with the St. Olaf Band members listening."

Sunday's free concert will be streamed live and archived online.

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