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Listenberger receives Cottrell College Science Award

By Claire Carlson '12
June 13, 2011

St. Olaf Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry Laura Listenberger recently received a Cottrell College Science Award, an honor that includes a $35,000 grant to fund her research on fat and obesity.

Listenberger's research focuses on the lipid droplet, a compartment each cell in the human body uses to store excess fat. Understanding how the lipid droplet works is key in understanding obesity-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Listenberger will use this grant to investigate the function and targeting of perilipin 2, a lipid droplet–associated protein.

The Cottrell College Science Award is funded by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement with the goal of advancing science, as well as the professional and scholarly development of faculty and students. This year, a total of $1.8 million in grants was given to 48 scientists at undergraduate institutions across the United States.

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