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Entenmann lectures in China

By David Gonnerman '90
January 6, 2012

Professor of History Robert Entenmann recently lectured at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences at Fudan University in Shanghai, where he spoke about "Chinese Catholic Clergy and the Indigenization of Catholicism in Mid-Qing China." Entenmann's talk focused on Sichuan province in southwest China during the 18th century and looked at the role of Chinese Catholic priests as intermediaries between Western religion and Chinese society, and tensions between Chinese clergy and European missionaries.

Entenmann's lecture was followed by remarks by Xu Lianming from the Department of Sociology at East China Normal University (and a visiting scholar at St. Olaf in 2007) and Naran Bilik, research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences at Fudan University and Yangtze Scholar Chair Professor of Anthroplogy at Guizhou University.

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