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Students present to Society for Freshwater Science

By David Gonnerman '90
May 30, 2012

Three St. Olaf College biology majors recently made presentations at the 60th annual meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) in Louisville.

Erin Mittag '12 (at left) and Bridget Peterson '12 (at right) presented results from their independent study about brown trout diets that they conducted with Alyssa Anderson '06, who taught at St. Olaf last fall (Mittag's paper was titled "A Comparison of the Winter Diets of Three Minnesota Salmo Truta Populations"; Peterson's paper was "Prey Selectivity in the Winter Diet of the Salmo Truta in Three Groundwater-Dominated Minnesota Streams"). Peterson also was given a special award from the SFS to cover travel expenses.

Brooke Weigel '13 (below) presented the results of the research she conducted in Iceland last summer ("Influence of Temperature on Benthic Mebabolism and Nutrient Uptake Across a Gradient of Geothermally Heated Streams") and also co-authored an oral presentation of results from research she helped conduct in California ("Interactive Effect of Floods and Grazing on Abundance, Activity, and Species Composition of Nitrogen Fixers in a River Network").

The trio accompanied two St. Olaf associate professors of biology and environmental studies: John Schade, who presented a poster with three students (Keeley MacNeill '08, Erin Seybold '11, and Laurel Lynch '12) and Michael Swift, who is SFS treasurer.

A number of alumni also participated in the conference, including Steven Canton '75, Kenneth Sheehan '96, Leigh Cooper '05, Alyssa Anderson '06, David Manning '09, Robert Davis '10, and Halvor Halvorson '11.

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