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Star Tribune highlights St. Olaf 'ROI' page

By David Gonnerman '90
May 31, 2012

"Go to St. Olaf College's website and you'll see what the 2011 graduates are up to," writes the Star Tribune's Jenna Ross in "St. Olaf uses data to argue its worth," a follow-up to her earlier feature about the college's focus on career preparation. "Not just that one star who snagged the job at General Mills or the three now studying at Yale University," she continues. "Most of them."

Ross is referencing the college's Return on Investment page that shows detailed employment data for the 92 percent of 2011 graduates who could be surveyed or otherwise found. "This is our answer to the question: Is a liberal-arts degree good for anything other than personal fulfillment?" President David R. Anderson '74 said in an online video.

Access the Return on Investment page via the Star Tribune story or here, and watch President Anderson's Lunchtime Live video broadcast that walks viewers through the data.

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